RBS Rogers Enhanced Agriculture ETN

RGRA is defunct since July 7, 2015. Lack of investor interest
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  • Garfield23 | Send Message 10 Sep 2013

    $AGA $ADZ $JJS $TAGS $USAG $RGRA $SOYB $SPY my instablog post (+historical incident link) on the 121k metric ton soybean trade last 24 hrs
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    • Garfield23 | Send Message 10 Sep 2013
      : last time an "Unknown" destination was over 100k metric tons was July 2003, and a 60% rally occurred after (from Sept-Nov 2003 a 33% rally)
      • Garfield23 | Send Message 10 Sep 2013

        $AGA $ADZ $JJS $TAGS $USAG $RGRA $SOYB $SPY whoa! USDA 121,000 tons sold to unknown in one day! (see news boards 9:01 am, Dow Jones News)
          • Garfield23 | Send Message 9 Sep 2013

            $AGA $ADZ $JJS $TAGS $USAG $RGRA $SOYB $SPY as expected crop progress showed soybean losing 2% in the good to excellent, poor category rose
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            • Garfield23 | Send Message 10 Sep 2013
              : that's okay, I am staying long, as Thursday will be a wake-up for the markets IMHO, (re: the decline, traders throwing a hissy fit, NBD)
            • Garfield23 | Send Message 10 Sep 2013
              : have you seen the latest weather forecast for Thurs/Friday night? brrrrrr...here comes frosty. -but I think the low yields are the big story
              • freeman8201 | Send Message 5 Sep 2013

                $MUR $TCK $DJP $CRBQ $RGRA $MOO Here's a video with Jim Rogers saying oil will rise if war in syria happens. http://bit.ly/14vgjVs
                  • Garfield23 | Send Message 13 Aug 2013

                    $JJA $RJA $AGF $DBA $FUD $UAG $DAG $AGA $ADZ $JJS $TAGS $USAG $RGRA OH CRAP!!! Wednesday will see frost and feezing temps in Minnesota
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                    • Perkins Cove | Send Message 13 Aug 2013
                      : Ah yes, soybeans. Watch the movie Touchback, with Kurt Russell. You'll learn more about soybeans (and true love) than you ever knew.
                    • Perkins Cove | Send Message 13 Aug 2013
                      : Plus a little bit of football. Rent it on $NFLX.....hehe
                      RGRA Description
                      The RBS Rogers Enhanced Agriculture Exchange Traded Notes (“RBS ETNs”) track the RICI Enhanced SM Agriculture Total Return Index (the “Index”) which provides exposure to 20 commodities in the futures market, plus the rate of interest that could be earned on cash collateral invested in Treasury Bills. The Index, designed in cooperation with prominent stock market and commodities investor Jim Rogers and RBS, attempts to track price changes for agriculture commodities.
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