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ELEMENTS Rogers International Commodity ETN (RJI)

  • Ben Strubel | Send Message 8 Apr 2014

    Dumb Investment Of The Week: Commodities Funds Part Deux $RJI
      • golfitobob | Send Message 14 Oct 2011

        Bruce Whitaker's post on Rogers ETFs RJA & RJI was a good one and good prices China needs food!
          • Bruce Whitaker | Send Message 13 Oct 2011

            Like Jim Rogers' commodity ETF's here. RJA: everything ag, and RJI: everything. Good parking place + have already substantially corrected.
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            • golfitobob | Send Message 13 Oct 2011
              : BW,great advise! I sold in the 10s,but,put a few clients in to RJA on the bad grain news.Like a gropon coupon.They still gotta eat ! gd post
              • golfitobob | Send Message 22 Sep 2011

                Rogers sees it this way ! Love this guy ! Will buy RJI an RJA on the next bad day !
                  • realornot | Send Message 25 May 2011

                    Completely bullish with all commodities. ck thm out Buy sentiment: DJP GSG RJI
                      • golfitobob | Send Message 10 May 2011

                        I bought RJI to go with the SLV . I am up on silver ,but, I will go with Mr. Rogers to invest in the group. chao
                          • Hedgephone | Send Message 22 Feb 2011

                            long PSLV, RJA, GLD, SLV, DBA, RJI, short IWM if you need to hedge it... Printocracy is falling apart at the seems. "Recovery?" Yeah, Right.
                              • Hedgephone | Send Message 8 Oct 2010

                                RJA RJI GCC . Who needs PE ratios when you have HELICOPTER BEN! Not exactly good if your poor and need food, but Dems need a stock rally.
                                  • Hedgephone | Send Message 7 Oct 2010

                                    selling 1/2 FCX and half of GLD (now 1%) holding DBA and SGG and light position in SLV only thru calls... PALL better. RJI good SGG new GLD
                                      • Hedgephone | Send Message 2 Sep 2010

                                        Inflation hedges outperforming stocks again today... SGG, COW, SLV, AGQ, RJI, RJA, GCC -- these are the new market leaders... early '08???
                                          RJI Description
                                          This offering is designed to track the performance of the Rogers International Commodity Index – Total Return, an index designed to provide investors with exposure to commodities consumed in the global economy.
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