Royale Energy, Inc. (ROYL) - NASDAQ
  • Manny Backus | Send Message 12 Aug 2014

    $royl This penny stock is on fire
      • freefdawatchlist | Send Message 11 Aug 2014 I am done for the day. Will join back at the close. Watching $UVXY, $ROYL if there is oppty.
          • Manny Backus | Send Message 9 Jul 2014

            Penny stock guru crushed $ROYL
              • Patent News | Send Message 26 Jun 2014

                $ROYL thats a lot of frickin oil!
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                • Patience29 | Send Message 26 Jun 2014
                  : $ROYL :Any working interest partners, net profit interest owners, the state of AK (royalties), carriers, refiners etc all benefit eventually
                • joeg1969 | Send Message 28 Jun 2014
                  : $ROYL Long 10k Here $$$$$$
                  • StepUp | Send Message 14 Mar 2014

                    Nat. gas demand continue to rise in Cali due to severe drought bullish on $ROYL
                      • Greenfire87 | Send Message 9 Mar 2014

                        As U.S. shale oil/gas peaks, moving capital to $TAIPF $BEPTF $ROYL
                          • MissionIR | Send Message 5 Feb 2014

                            Royale Energy, Inc. (ROYL) Update: Production Coming Online In California As Prices Soar, 3D... $ROYL
                              • Kairos | Send Message 28 Jan 2014

                                2014: Year Of The KEEK $DXI, $FB, $ROYL
                                  • Aarchie Bunker | Send Message 24 Apr 2013

                                    Whats happening with $ROYL is this going up ??
                                      • MovingAvg | Send Message 27 Sep 2012

                                        ROYL taking off!
                                          Company Description
                                          Royale Energy, Inc. engages in the production, and sale of oil and natural gas business. Its activities includes the acquisition of oil and gas lease interests and proved reserves, drilling of both exploratory and development wells, an sales of fractional working interests in wells to be... More
                                          Industry: Independent Oil & Gas
                                          Country: United States