Richards Packaging(RPKIF)- OTC Markets
  • Tom Landry | Send Message 26 Apr

    Sold a 1/3 of $RPKIF position at 35% profit in 3 months. Feels toppy. A couple of hours later, stock is down 4%, so I got that going for me.
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    • Tom Landry | Send Message 27 Apr
      : Thanks Indy. I would really like to be convincing and say "packaging is the future, the next paradigm!". No. I just see reliable and stable growth, relatively low correlation stocks. I begin to feel that sub-sector becomes my "comfortable slippers" type of investment.
    • IndyPEG | Send Message 27 Apr
      : I like house slipper investing sometimes :-)
      • Tom Landry | Send Message 19 Jan

        Man do I like packaging stocks! Bought $RPKIF. All base covered with $WIPKF, $CCDBF, $ITPOF, $SUMXF.
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        • Tom Landry | Send Message 7 Mar
          : Don't worry, I noticed because I'm up 18%! I'll trim the position just a bit when it finally turns red. But I mean 5+% yield screams HOLD.
        • Dan Stringer | Send Message 7 Mar
          : I am trying to decide if I make it a full one but may wait for a pull back.
          • Sherif Samy | Send Message 8 Jul 2015

            Richard's Packaging: Strengthening Fundamentals Makes For Strong Dividend Stock $RPKIF
              • Tom Landry | Send Message 6 Jul 2015

                Excluding payout ratio, $RPKIF is beauty. Invests in packaging distribution across Canand US, offers range of plastic and glass containers.
                  • Richard Berger | Send Message 24 Feb 2015

                    RPKIF: Smart Money Pointing Way To 59% Upside $RPKIF
                      Company Description
                      Currently, there's no company description for RPKIF.
                      Industry: Packaging & Containers
                      Country: United States