RTI International Metals Inc.

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  • ValueWalk | Send Message 8 Oct 2015

    Alcoa (AA): There's Real Danger In That Recently-Closed RTI Acquisition $AA $RTI http://bit.ly/1Pk0c7A
      • Ryan Mallory | Send Message 20 Apr 2015

        Swing Trading Watch-List: $RTI $IMAX $ROK $MS $IRWD http://bit.ly/1GeonRI
          • Main Street Wins | Send Message 25 Nov 2014

            Why Raytheon Is A Good Play On The Internet Of Things $RTI http://seekingalpha.com/a/1m3nl
              • Brian Schieble | Send Message 5 Mar 2014

                Two More Names Worth Researching $LMOS, $RTI http://seekingalpha.com/p/1mh0n
                  • Manishgupta | Send Message 27 Feb 2014

                    $RTI -looks give revenue was shy so the reason on this fall -but margins were a little better -plan to buy more at these levels net week
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                    • Manishgupta | Send Message 28 Feb 2014
                      : $RTI-sorry misspelt- Next week buy at 27@ or below
                      • Manishgupta | Send Message 24 Feb 2014

                        $RTI -looks better at below 30 levels -their results were good last time around -Not sure why is this falling ? anyone >I am long
                          • manishgup | Send Message 27 Nov 2013

                            $RTI -best to buy this at 35 than BA at 135 -Long on this will see 50 in the next few years great dividend also
                            Reply (2)
                            • baruch44 | Send Message 29 Dec 2013
                              : I know Ti industry well being Chairman of the biggest Russian Ti company VSMPO.You are right.Look also at ATI and PCP
                            • manishgup | Send Message 30 Dec 2013
                              : $ATI -Does look interesting at the 35@ level -thank u
                              • Eric Muathe | Send Message 17 Sep 2013

                                Breakout IDEAS [Best on Monthly / Wkly Charts]: $CLFD $COF $DQ $ELLI $EXTR $FSL $INUV $MTG $RTI http://stks.co/aj5Z
                                Reply (2)
                                • Hillbilly Stock Star | Send Message 17 Sep 2013
                                  : $SPLK
                                • Eric Muathe | Send Message 18 Sep 2013
                                  : I missed this one earlier in the year :( Nice rally in 2013. Good luck.
                                  • ltfinger | Send Message 12 Apr 2013

                                    Returning Downgrades (4/11/13): $ALLT, $APOG, $AU, $FTNT, $HXM, $OHAI, $RGLD, $RTI, $VCRA
                                      • ltfinger | Send Message 2 Apr 2013

                                        Potential Downgrades (4/1/13): $OILT, $OIS, $PEGA, $RLGY, $RRC, $RTI, $SHW, $STT, $UAL, $UHAL, $UNXL, $VSAT, $WDFC, $WST, $XEC
                                          Company Description
                                          RTI International Metals Inc is engaged in producing and supplying titanium mill products. It also manufactures titanium & specialty metal components for international aerospace, defense, energy, medical device, & other consumer and industrial markets.