Revett Mining Company, Inc.(RVM)- NYSEMKT
  • OMGobamamustgo | Send Message 27 Mar 2015

    Wow!! Goodbye $RVM and hello $HL. I knew $RVM was selling out. Now lets see what a billion $$ company can do with this gem.
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    • 11146471 | Send Message 27 Mar 2015
      : $HL will develop the pending silver/copper project, because they have the funds/credit lines to do so! The project values 12 billion USD.
    • Chancer | Send Message 28 Mar 2015
      : HL bought cheap at about 49 cents per share of RVM but still premium to RVM at 40 cents.
      • Grand Nagus Kelly | Send Message 20 Jan 2015

        Stopped out of $SID in PosP @ $1.90. Sold $EBR. Glad I didn't get $RVM. @ $4700 now from 4100 1/1/15. Lost $100 on sid. Even on EBR.
          • OMGobamamustgo | Send Message 20 Jan 2015

   OUCH!!!!! This is going to hurt. Might find a good investment here somewhere this year. $RVM
              • DumpsterDiver | Send Message 10 Nov 2014

                3 non-ironic cheers for another dull-as-dirt $RVM earnings release. Still on schedule, still on budget, no surprises here. Boring is good.
                  • dbt01 | Send Message 2 Oct 2014

                    Troy Mine reopens for $RVM. Now price of silver needs to move higher.
                      • DumpsterDiver | Send Message 1 Oct 2014

                        $RVM is officially mining again at Troy. (!!) Crushing ore now, restarting milling in November, full ramp-up next year. Good good good.
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                        • DumpsterDiver | Send Message 1 Oct 2014
                          : Stock price has moved not a whit thus far, so if anyone's been waiting on the fence for positive news, now might be your moment...
                          • bobzic | Send Message 19 Aug 2014

                            $RVM : County will repair road to mine to repay debt to Revett.Revett, which is the largest property taxpayer in the Troy district, ...
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                            • bobzic | Send Message 19 Aug 2014
                            • bobzic | Send Message 19 Aug 2014
                              : The agreement calls for the county to repair and maintain the road that leads to Revett's Troy Mine.
                              • bobzic | Send Message 12 Aug 2014

                                $RVM Book Value Per Share : $2.08
                                  • coastside1000 | Send Message 29 Jul 2014

                                    $RVM is now up 20 percent in less than a month on no news. Slow and steady rise day by day. Makes you think someone knows something...
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                                    • DumpsterDiver | Send Message 31 Jul 2014
                                      : Dunno. They were trading above $3 in Dec '12 before the closure, but back then they had more cash, zero debt & fewer shares outstanding...
                                    • DumpsterDiver | Send Message 31 Jul 2014
                                      : Also, they've seemed weirdly immune to silver price fluctuations throughout the shutdown, but that will surely become a factor again, too.
                                      • DumpsterDiver | Send Message 2 Jul 2014

                                        $RVM Another dull press release, another 5% bounce. Hope the only remaining surprise in their future involves an approval for Rock Creek...
                                          Company Description
                                          Revett Mining Co Inc is a silver-copper producer that owns and operates the producing Troy Mine and the development stage Rock Creek project.
                                          Country: United States