Radient Pharmaceuticals Corporation (RXPC) - OTCPK - Limited
RXPC is defunct.
  • ckrvarma | Send Message 18 Jul 2014

    so $RXPC is closed? I heard that its delisted? so what will happen to our Investments? Anyone please suggest....
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    • ckrvarma | Send Message 19 Aug 2014
      : Are you sure? somewhere I had read that they will be giving new stock!!!
    • JAY PATEL@ Wall Street | Send Message 20 Aug 2014
      : No I am not sure, you could be right. I still have 1 Million stocks of #RXPC
      • newpennyinvestor | Send Message 23 Jun 2013

        ($RXPC.PK) May I has last laugh?
          • Wyatt Junker | Send Message 20 May 2011

            RXPC.PK ~ You know you've got a penny stock when 3 cents knocks you down 10%.
              • Michael Bryant | Send Message 20 May 2011

                I sold my Dryships (DRYS) and Radient (RXPC.PK) holdings in favor of LinkedIn (LNKD). RPC is hosting on June 3rd, and it may get a jump.
                  • Wyatt Junker | Send Message 17 May 2011

                    What would happen to RXPC.PK if they got bounced from the exchanges? No, not the company, the stock price.
                      • JapaneseInvestor | Send Message 17 May 2011

                        Currently investing in $RXPC.PK and holding over 340K shares.
                          • greenbackers | Send Message 28 Apr 2011

                            ZSTN.PK rebounding back to 2 followg last wks debacle...FEWP recall jump back from .07 to .14...9:54AM EDT 0.10 4.05%...RXPC.PK traded to .54 0.47
                              • Michael Bryant | Send Message 27 Apr 2011

                                First Majestic Silver (AG), Questcor Pharmaceuticals (MNK), Rediff.com India (REDF), and Radient Pharmaceuticals (RXPC.PK) surging.
                                  • M. E. Garza | Send Message 19 Apr 2011

                                    ($RXPC.PK 3 of 3) If it were bad news, chances are they'd have something by now, since delisting decisions are usually handed down quickly.
                                      • M. E. Garza | Send Message 19 Apr 2011

                                        ($RXPC.PK 2 of 3) a listing extension would go until July [when the stock would have to be over $1 to continue being listed on Amex].
                                          Company Description
                                          We are the developer and worldwide marketer of Onko-Sure (R), non-invasive cancer blood test kit.
                                          Sector: Healthcare
                                          Industry: Medical Instruments & Supplies
                                          Country: United States