Sterling Bancshares, Inc.NASDAQ
SBIB is defunct.
  • Asif Suria | Send Message 6 May 2011

    Comerica Incorporated $CMA got approval from the common shareholders of Sterling Bancshares Inc. $SBIB for the merger agreement
      • Dividend Sheet | Send Message 20 Jan 2011

        Best Yields with Ex-Dividend Day January 24 - 30 ++ ++ $WSM $ALX $COG $DMND $FARM $FLY $PETM $PNR $RRD $SBIB $TCB $TYC
          • Dr. Kris | Send Message 18 Jan 2011

            Shoulda bought the rumor: WSJ reporting Friday that SBIB was 4 Sale. Co today announcing stock swap acquisition by CMA. Stock up 15%-wah!
              • Linus Wilson | Send Message 9 Jun 2010

                My best guess for the SBIB TARP auction clearing price is $0.85/warrant. I plan to bid on 100 warrants. This is not investment advice.