Signature Bank (SBNY) - NASDAQ
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        Sold $SBNY 142.52
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                7-23-2015 CHART OF THE DAY! $SBNY BUY
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                    Strong bank sector, most near breakout levels $CATY $FRC $JPM $SBNY $SUSQ
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                        Signature Bank healthy balance sheet with low debt $SBNY:
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                            NYC Taxi Medallion June Transfers – 3 More Foreclosure Sales $MFIN, $SBNY, $NYCB
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                                Despite UberX having 50% more drivers, YOY NYC taxi revenues only down 4%. What happened to Uber taking over the world? $SBNY
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                                    Former Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA), co-author of Dodd-Frank Act, appointed to board of $SBNY >I'm an attorney
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                                        TAXI: The Grim News From Chicago And SBNY $MFIN, $SBNY
                                          Company Description
                                          Signature Bank operates as a state chartered commercial bank. The bank operates Signature Financial LLC, a finance subsidiary focused on equipment finance and leasing, transportation, taxi medallion, commercial marine, national franchise financing and leasing. Its subsidiary Signature Public... More
                                          Sector: Financial
                                          Industry: Regional - Northeast Banks
                                          Country: United States