Sabine Royalty Trust(SBR)- NYSE
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    Dividend Growth Stocks As of Friday, August 05, 2016 - - $ABR $BPL $CSL $CCOI $FRT $KHC $NGHC $SBR $SBSI
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        Dividend Declarations As Of June 03, 2016 - - $INF $RMT $RVT $MGU $HIFR $NSU $SBR $SUP $SNC $FCNH $JOUT $FNHC
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            19 Monthly Dividend Paying Stocks With Yields Over 3% - - $BKT $ERF $GOOD $O $PFO $PGH $SJR $SBR $PWE $PHT
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                Wow ! I actually have some green on my energy stocks today. Rare species. $NAP, $CPLP, $CLMT, $CVRR, $TLP, $SBR
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                    Sabine Royalty Trust Benefits From Top-Line Distributions And Underreported Reserves $SBR
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                        These blogs on $SBR are not recent. Anyone have anything new to add?
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                        • Joshua Heller | Send Message 3 May 2014
                          : I looked at $SBR earlier this week but the 10-K is lacking in details to make an informed decision.
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                            Don't know what's up with $SBR, but I like it.
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                              : Me too. Anyone have any clue what just happened? Can't find a bit of news anywhere, yet I'm in the green for 1st time since buying in Sept.
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                              : I Some big trades (for this stock anyway) 11:30-11:45 EST. No news. I like it for increasing production - maybe others saw it too.
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                                $F $DDR $EGO and $SBR are the stocks with fastest dividend growth from last week + I like $PAA $GG
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                                    How can one access information on what cash revenue comes from OiI and what comes from GAS??? $SBR
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                                    • Ocean Man | Send Message 31 Dec 2012
                                      : It's usually divulged in their quarterly earnings reports.
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                                      : ots of info here -
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                                        4 High Yield, High Margin, Low Debt Small And Mid Cap Dividend Stocks $BKT $DNP $GNI $SBR @ZetaKap
                                          Company Description
                                          Sabine Royalty Trust holds royalty and mineral interests in producing oil and gas properties. It is entitled to receive a distribution from Sabine Corp. of royalty and mineral interests, including landowner and royalties, overriding royalty interests, minerals, production payments and any other... More
                                          Sector: Financial
                                          Industry: Diversified Investments
                                          Country: United States