Starbucks Corporation

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  • Amigobulls | Send Message 8h

    Why you should be a buyer in $SBUX today.
      • Amigobulls | Send Message 10 Feb

        $SBUX looks like an attractive long term investment.
          • Amigobulls | Send Message 10 Feb

            $SBUX Is Starbucks a good long term bet?
              • Tradevestor | Send Message 9 Feb

                All my stocks but $Sbux red.Did we hear any Fed rumor?lol $T $CVX $PM $MO $AAPL $GSK $O $OHI $JNJ $KO $SO bloodbath in mine but market is up
                  • Dividends4Life | Send Message 9 Feb

                    McDonald's Corporation (MCD) Dividend Stock Analysis $MCD, $YUM, $SBUX
                      • TheChartGuys | Send Message 8 Feb

                        $SBUX Technical Analysis Video 2/8/2016
                          • Yonakit | Send Message 8 Feb

                            Added to $TWX near LOD. Should have done the same for $SBUX before they (most likely) did a buyback with the 2.2% paper they just priced.
                              • joelkatz | Send Message 5 Feb

                                $SBUX back in at $55.00 Followed OM
                                  • Ocean Man | Send Message 5 Feb

                                    Bought $SBUX back at $55.23 after selling it a week ago 10% higher at $60.69.
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                                    • ARAMAMNI | Send Message 5 Feb
                                      : BoOoOoOom !!!
                                    • smitsky | Send Message 7 Feb
                                      : *
                                      • joelkatz | Send Message 4 Feb
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                                        • IndyPEG | Send Message 4 Feb
                                          : Amazing
                                        • ls78 | Send Message 4 Feb
                                          : 2016 and conservative religious idiots still control millions.
                                          Company Description
                                          Starbucks Corp is the roaster, marketer & retailer of specialty coffee in the world, operating in 65 countries. It sells a variety of coffee & tea products. It sells goods and services under brands under Teavana, Tazo, Seattle's Best Coffee, etc.
                                          Sector: Services
                                          Country: United States