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Scholastic Corporation (SCHL)

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    Scholastic: The Effects Of Selling Ed Tech $SCHL
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            Booking profits: Houghton Mifflin $HMHC & Scholastic $SCHL both breaking out to new highs. Who said people don't read anymore?
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              : Provide paperless textbooks figure out how to sell book twice...make you subscribe online...pretty smart
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              : If kids aren't lugging heavy textbooks to and from school, how are they going to get their exercise?
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                5 Takeaways From Scholastic's Latest Earnings $SCHL
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                    Update: Scholastic's Earnings $SCHL
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               Premarket Trading Ideas for Sept 25th: $FUL, $BCOV, $JBL, $RGLT, $CNNX, $MU, $TIBX, $TVPT, $VEI, $XGTI, $SCHL
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                            Earning for tomrorow: Pre Market- $SCHL, $OMN After Hours - $NKE, $MU, $THO, $DMND, $ARCW
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                                Are Scholastic's Investors About To Get Schooled? $SCHL
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                                    Scholastic's Education Segment Won't Be Able To Drive Revenue Higher $SCHL
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                                        Scholastic Net Loss Shrinks $SCHL
                                          Company Description
                                          Scholastic Corp is a children's publishing, education and media company. The Company also provides educational technology products, related services and children's media.
                                          Sector: Services
                                          Country: United States