Socket Mobile, Inc. (SCKT) - OTCQB
  • Econ Student | Send Message 24 May

    $SCKT Sold it for about a 30% gain. Still think it might run some when it uplists but I like some other stocks more.
      • Alex B. Gray | Send Message 20 Apr

        Socket Mobile $SCKT Reports Profitable 2016 First Quarter On Y/Y Revenue Growth Of 26 Percent.
          • Nicholas Bodnar | Send Message 28 Mar

            Socket Mobile: A Growth Stock Priced As A Value Play (Plus Management Interview) $SCKT
              • Ian Cassel | Send Message 27 Mar

                Active discussions on this week $VTSI $SCKT $XPLT $PDEX $SMDM $VNRX $LTCCF $ELMD $LEAT $AKR.V $WFCF
                  • Nicholas Bodnar | Send Message 16 Sep 2015

                    $SCKT A Growing Tech Company
                      • Nicholas Bodnar | Send Message 16 Sep 2015

                        Play Socket Mobile For The Rise In MPOS And The Near Term Catalyst Of Continual Growing Profitability $SCKT
                          • Nicholas Bodnar | Send Message 15 Sep 2015

                            Had a great chat with Kevin Mills and Dave Dunlap, CEO and CFO of $SCKT. Our conversation will be featured in a future article.
                              • Nicholas Bodnar | Send Message 11 Sep 2015

                                $SCKT is certainly an interesting play.
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                                • Margie Velez | Send Message 13 Sep 2015
                                  : I usually play with volume North of a million anything under that is a wait and see game...
                                • Nicholas Bodnar | Send Message 13 Sep 2015
                                  : Liquidity doesn't bother me.
                                  • John Leonard, CFA | Send Message 11 Dec 2014

                                    Socket Mobile Is A Prime Beneficiary Of The Explosive Growth In The Mobile Point Of Sale Market $SCKT
                                      • bank103 | Send Message 25 Mar 2014

                                        $SCKT any thoughts on this one, set up could be there, but need volume..what youz think?
                                          Company Description
                                          Socket Mobile designs, manufactures and sells a family of barcode scanners designed for use by businesses in mobile applications using smartphones and tablets running Apple (iOS), Google (Android) and Microsoft (Windows Mobile/Windows) operating systems. Socket Mobile has over 1,400 registered... More
                                          Sector: Technology
                                          Industry: Computer Peripherals
                                          Country: United States