Trillium Therapeutics Inc.(SCTPF)- OTCQX
SCTPF is defunct.
  • Robbster | Send Message 12 Jul 2014

    Within my biotech portfolio, dip has created attractive prices on $PSTI $CLBS $MDGN $SCTPF.
      • Bay Area Biotech | Send Message 11 Jul 2014

        Trillium Therapeutics: An Preclinical Cancer Immunotherapy Company With A Promising Lead Compound $SCTPF
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        • subrkaus3 | Send Message 15 Mar 2015
          : excellent article on $TRIL. I guess this is the year for #cd47 and hopefully this will take off
          • Robbster | Send Message 17 Jun 2014

            Still strong supporter of stem cell therapies: $CUR (#1), PSTI (#2), then $STEM $ATHX $CLBS $SCTPF. $ATHX $STEM $SCTPF attractive PPS.
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            • Tile | Send Message 27 Jun 2014
              : Why $BCLI is not on the list?
              • Robbster | Send Message 27 Jan 2014

                There were lots of biotech buying opportunities today, e.g., $CLBS $TNXP $ATHX $GALE $SCTPF. Re: strength, liked $NWBO $NNVC $CUR $EDAP.
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                • Hoang6 | Send Message 27 Jan 2014
                  : I'm holding NBS for more than a year now, but the stock is exactly what it's named for: n time b.s.
                • JamesBrrando | Send Message 27 Jan 2014
                  : $BIOYF as well
                • dannick | Send Message 4 Apr 2014
                  : $EDAP released year end results about this time in 2013, does anyone know when YE will be out for '14?
                  • Robbster | Send Message 19 Jan 2014

                    Dev Biotech Portfolio update: stem cell 51% ($ATHX $CLBS $CUR $PSTI $SCTPF $STEM) Device 16% ($ONCS $EDAP) Immuno 9% ($NWBO $IMUC) Misc 24%
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                    • Robbster | Send Message 21 Jan 2014
                      : Regarding $MNKD, have done DD, not a supporter, as the oral insulin increases insulin resistance vs. injection/pump. Serious issue.
                    • Robbster | Send Message 21 Jan 2014
                      : $CHTP headed for possible approval in couple weeks, so you're riding the sentiment up to that news. Have done before, but only with DD.
                      • Robbster | Send Message 19 Jan 2014

                        DevBiotech portfolio weighting: Stem Cell 51% ($ATHX $CUR $ NBS $PSTI $SCTPF $STEM) Device 16% ($ONCS $EDAP) Immuno 9% ($NWBO $IMUC) Misc24%
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                        • Robbster | Send Message 19 Jan 2014
                          : Misc = $NNVC (nanoparticles, antiviral) $NAVB (imaging agents) $SBOT (therapeutic proteins) $TNXP (repurposed drugs) $MDGN (gene therapy)
                        • rdunga | Send Message 21 Jan 2014
                          : only missing CVM..
                          • Robbster | Send Message 15 Jan 2014

                            $SCTPF moving... interesting company
                              • Robbster | Send Message 8 Jan 2014

                                Starting DD on $SCTPF. Interesting Canadian Stem Cell/Cancer microcap with lots of recent investment, low cash burn, unique method of action
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                                • Croupier77777 | Send Message 10 Jan 2014
                                  : Science and HRs are Top +Trillium merger unlocked its potential. Recent exposure to USA triggers MC revaluation. Onco-Immuno-Stemcell play:)
                                • Croupier77777 | Send Message 15 Jan 2014
                                  : Take a look at IPHY (Innate) who is one of the handful in the CD47 space to have a idea of the run SCTPF is gearing up for.
                                  Company Description
                                  Trillium Therapeutics Inc. is an immuno-oncology company developing innovative therapies for the treatment of cancer. The Company has two premier preclinical programs, SIRPaFc and a CD200 monoclonal antibody (mAb), which target two key immunoregulatory pathways that tumor cells exploit to evade... More
                                  Sector: Services
                                  Industry: Business Services
                                  Country: Canada