Ship Finance International Limited

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  • Investor RockieK | Send Message 12 Jan

    Anyone following seaborne shipping should read this if you haven't already. $CMRE $DCIX $DAC $SSW $SFL $NMM
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    • Investor RockieK | Send Message 12 Jan
      : Remember when $DRYS was >$3 .... That's where the containers are today.
    • MtBudmoreView | Send Message 15 Jan
      : great reference IR, explained a lot!
      • Michael Bryant | Send Message 24 Dec 2015

        Ship Finance ($SFL) is at same price it was in 2005, raised its dividend every year, & has a 10% yield, so should you just buy & hold it?
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        • ActiveAndy | Send Message 24 Dec 2015
          : Oil price probably shouldn't effect them, but demand would.
          • RIpex | Send Message 18 Dec 2015

            Is the dividend of $SFL safe and why? $TGP had a great business as well and they needed to cut by 80%...
              • Dividends4Life | Send Message 30 Nov 2015

                Dividend Stocks Working Hard During The Holidays $MRK, $BDX, $SFL
                  • Fun Trading | Send Message 30 Nov 2015

                    Ship Finance International - Commentary On The Q3 Results, A Stunning Year So Far $SFL
                      • StockConsultant | Send Message 27 Nov 2015

                        $SFL breakout watch above 17.6 triple resistance area, volume 64% above normal
                          • Investor RockieK | Send Message 19 Nov 2015

                            COSCO Pacific sees volume drop 6% in October. Hong Kong throughput drops 12.5% - $SSW $SFL $NMM $CMRE
                              • Fun Trading | Send Message 23 Sep 2015

                                Ship Finance International To Sell The Front Splendour For $13 Million $SFL
                                  • Doyle Publishing Ltd. | Send Message 5 Sep 2015

                                    Ship Finance International: We're Cautious $SFL
                                      • Dividends4Life | Send Message 31 Aug 2015

                                        Stocks Raising Their Yield-On-Cost With Higher Dividends $MO, $RY, $SFL
                                          Company Description
                                          Ship Finance International Ltd is engaged mainly in the ownership and operation of vessels and offshore related assets. It is also involved in the charter, purchase and sale of assets.
                                          Sector: Services
                                          Industry: Shipping
                                          Country: United States