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  • Seraphim Blentzas | Send Message 30 Sep 2015

    Why Gold Will Outperform Silver Next Crisis $FCX $SLW $ABX $NEM $NCMGY $GDX $GLD $IAU $SGOL $DGL $KGC $RIO
      • Vetr | Send Message 28 Jul 2015

        Oversold Gold Miner ETFs May Have Opportunity to Rebound $IAU $GDXJ $SGOL $GLD $GDX $SGDJ
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            Sentiment on gold sours further $GLD, $IAU, $PHYS, $SGOL, $UGL
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            • 6228371 | Send Message 27 Jul 2015
              : The sentiment looks good now, as gold is up around $20 over the past few hours. The dollar index is also declining.
              • Vetr | Send Message 3 Jun 2015

                U.S. Economic Uncertainty Brings Out Gold ETFs' Luster $IAU $GEUR $GYEN $SGOL $GLD
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                    Fed Rate Hike, Inflation Expectations Lift Gold ETFs $IAU $SGOL $GLD
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                        Rising Chinese Demand Supporting Gold ETFs $IAU $SGOL $GLD
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                            China's Currency Ambitions Could Lift Gold Market, ETFs $IAU $SGOL $GLD
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                                ETFs to Track the Gold Market $IAU $SGOL $GLD $OUNZ
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                                    Comparing Corn, Gold ETFs Could Yield Bushels of Results $IAU $GLD $SGOL $CORN
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                                        Gold ETFs Can't Wait for 2014 to End $IAU $UUP $GLD $SGOL
                                          SGOL Description
                                          ETFS Physical Swiss Gold Shares (SGOL) is designed to offer investors a simple, cost-efficient and secure way to access the precious metals market. SGOL is intended to provide investors with a return equivalent to movements in the gold spot price less fees.
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