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Sears Hometown and Outlet Stores, Inc. (SHOS)

  • Quantified Alpha | Send Message 19 Mar

    $SHOS: CEO Lampert sucked this one dry of any growth or profitability
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    • Energysystems | Send Message 19 Mar
      : Eddie's gonna do, what Eddie is best known for.
      • John Vincent | Send Message 16 Mar

        Francis Chou continues to build positions in Sears & related: $SHLD $SHOS $SRSC . See
          • DeepValueLover | Send Message 13 Mar

            $SHOS Tragic day for a once promising company.
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            • DeepValueLover | Send Message 13 Mar
              : Although Lampert is the largest shareholder the promise of the concept was that the stores would all have LOCAL decision makers.
            • DeepValueLover | Send Message 13 Mar
              : Even without the meddling from America's worst retail executive the concept still failed.
              • Money Investor | Send Message 7 Mar

                Sears Hometown And Outlet Stores: Getting Ready For Lift Off $SHOS
                  • Money Investor | Send Message 30 Dec 2014

                    Top Retail Value Play Heading Into 2015: Sears Hometown And Outlet Stores $SHOS
                      • adspatz | Send Message 9 Sep 2014

                        Sears Home & Outlet Reports Declining Profit $SHOS
                          • Michael Bryant | Send Message 1 Aug 2014

                            "Beaten-Down Stocks That Billionaires Are Buying: $RGLY, $TLM, $SHOS, $HOV." For $HOV, hold for a long time.
                              • InsiderInsights | Send Message 10 Jun 2014

                                Top Insider Trades 6/10/14: SHOS, FUND, PCI, MEMP $SHOS, $FUND, $PCI
                                  • InsiderInsights | Send Message 18 Apr 2014

                                    Top Insider Trades 4/17/14: SHLD, BKS, SHOS, RGDO $SHLD, $BKS, $SHOS
                                      • Chris DeMuth Jr. | Send Message 6 Apr 2014

                                        As Sears cuts Lands' End loose, investors should hold fast: ( $SHLD, $SHOS, $LEDMV, $JOSB, $LSHAX, $CSD)
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                                        • Energysystems | Send Message 7 Apr 2014
                                          : It isn't undervalued, when the sales/income numbers came out it surprised everyone. That brand was dying, and that's why nobody bought it.
                                        • Wilson Wang | Send Message 7 Apr 2014
                                          : I think there's more downside from here, I really only expect the stock to trade at around 20 or less.
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                                          Company Description
                                          Sears Hometown & Outlet Stores Inc is a national retailer engaged in selling home appliances, lawn and garden equipment, tools, and hardware.
                                          Sector: Services
                                          Country: United States