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    Siemens: A German Dividend Aristocrat Preparing Itself For The Coming Decades $SIEGY
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        Siemens Is A Buy-And-Hold-Forever Investment $SIEGY
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            Siemens Is Starting The Year On A Strong Note, But Is The Company Cheap? $SIEGY
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                Bah. Tried to get into $SIEGY at $87.05 but my buy order was so low, it never got hit. Getting in and out of SIEGY is always a beast.
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                  : They have a $1.9 billion contract in the works with Iran for some rail work. Eh -- just hit at $87.02.
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                  : Out of it at $87.50.
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                    Siemens: Industrial Company With A High Yield $SIEGY
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                        GE And Siemens Draw Battle Lines In Race For Industrial Internet Supremacy $GE, $SIEGY
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                            3M: King Of Industrial Conglomerates: $MMM $GE $SIEGY $EMR $HON
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                                Sizing Up Industrials: Siemens AG $SIEGY
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                                    Analyst Notes May 7th: $SID $VNDA $SIEGY $FOX $TSLA $PPL $WFM $TRIP $KIM $MELI $DYN $SID $SIEGY, $FOX, $TSLA
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                                        Direct Insite: Research Solutions: $DIRI $RSSS $IBM $GOOG $GOOGL $SIEGY
                                          Company Description
                                          Siemens AG is engaged in electronics and electrical engineering. The Company operates in sectors such as Industry, Energy and Healthcare.
                                          Sector: Technology
                                          Industry: Telecom Services - Foreign
                                          Country: Germany