J. M. Smucker Company(SJM)- NYSE
  • Yonakit | Send Message 8h

    Added some $SJM, still overpriced IMO but well below 52wk high. Tried getting some $RAI but price has run away from my bid.
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    • Yonakit | Send Message 4h
      : Noticed that grocery deflation articles (Bloomberg, elsewhere) started to pop up today confirming what one of the grocery chains reported a few weeks ago. Something to keep an eye on in the coming months especially if meme takes root. Opportunity ahead?
    • neobliviscar | Send Message 2h
      : I took the Bloomberg and other articles as lagging indicators. By the time they hit, it is time to consider buying soon.
      • Alexander Valtsev | Send Message 23 Sep

        Shares of JM Smucker set to rebound: http://bit.ly/230916SJM $SJM
          • Horizon Investments | Send Message 22 Sep

            J. M. Smucker: Moving Ahead Despite Challenges $SJM http://seekingalpha.com/a/2dwg7
              • The Value Investor | Send Message 28 Aug

                J.M. Smucker - Too Early To Get A Taste $SJM http://seekingalpha.com/a/2dsg7
                  • Alexander Valtsev | Send Message 25 Aug

                    Coffee Profits Continue To Give A Jolt To Deutsche's View On Smucker: http://bit.ly/250816SJM $SJM
                      • Black Coral Research | Send Message 25 Aug

                        J.M. Smucker: Lurking Market Weakness Could Spell Opportunity For Dividend Investors $SJM http://seekingalpha.com/a/2ds29
                          • Dividend Sheet | Send Message 25 Aug

                            15 Rapidly Growing Dividend Achievers - http://tinyurl.com/gl9dgjd - $ABC $AIZ $BDX $CAH $CVS $EAT $MCD $NKE $OKS $ROST $SJM $SYK $TRI
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                            • NV_GARY | Send Message 25 Aug
                              : What's with the CVS drop? No news.
                              • Yonakit | Send Message 24 Aug

                                Have been paying attention to $SJM and $HEINY. UN puts not where I want. $MDLZ below 42.50 gets more interesting.
                                  • Kumquat Research | Send Message 24 Aug

                                    J. M. Smucker: Buy On The Drop? $SJM http://seekingalpha.com/a/2drr9
                                      • JennyRebekka | Send Message 23 Aug

                                        $SJM crushed, but this trader is buying it! See the exact price to enter here: http://tinyurl.com/huk69ur
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                                        • tradebr2010 | Send Message 23 Aug
                                          : I'd very careful with that Jun gap if the market pulls back. Still a $20 bucks gap down on $SJM, Jun 8/9.
                                        • SeriousCat | Send Message 23 Aug
                                          : I agree with tradebr2010. less expensive doesn't mean cheap.