Credit Suisse Silver Shares Covered Call ETN(SLVO)- NASDAQ
  • Stanford Chemist | Send Message 19 Jan

    Nearly 3 Years On, Has SLVO Delivered As Promised? $SLVO
      • DeepValueLover | Send Message 2 Oct 2015

        If you own $MORL, $CEFL, $BDCL, love the massive "dividends" but wish to lose your principal at a slower pace then why not try $GLDI ,$SLVO?
          • Corey Ireland | Send Message 21 Aug 2015

            Crazy volume in $SLVO today. Single blocks that approach avg daily vol?
              • Maks Financial Services | Send Message 11 Aug 2015

                SLVO: A Safer Way To Invest In Silver $SLVO
                  • Emptyeternity | Send Message 6 May 2015

                    WATCH OUT BELOW!! $SLVO $SLV $GLD
                      • Emptyeternity | Send Message 1 May 2015

                        silver being manipulated downwards, will continue into early next week. prediction for $SLVO is $10.70
                          • Emptyeternity | Send Message 28 Apr 2015

                            $SLVO rising!!
                              • Emptyeternity | Send Message 27 Apr 2015

                                Called it! $SLVO is in 11.20's
                                  • Emptyeternity | Send Message 24 Apr 2015

                                    Picked up $SLVO for $10.83. Load up, next week will be in 11.20's...
                                      • Emptyeternity | Send Message 23 Apr 2015

                                        Holy Trinity of Dividend Payors with a nice selection of diversity: $MORL, $SLVO, $ARP
                                          SLVO Description
                                          The Silver Shares Covered Call ETNs are linked to the Credit Suisse NASDAQ Silver FLOWSTM 106 Index, which seeks to track the return of a "covered call" strategy on the shares of the iShares® Silver Trust (the "SLV Shares"). The ETNs pay a monthly variable coupon based on the notional option premiums received from the sale of covered call options within the index. The index reflects changes in the price of the SLV Shares and the notional option premiums received from the sale of monthly call options on the SLV Shares less notional trading costs incurred in connection with the covered call strategy. The ETNs do not guarantee any return of principal. Any payment on the ETNs is subject to our ability to pay our obligations as they become due.
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