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  Silver Wheaton Corp. - NYSE

9/23/2014, 2:57 AM ET
  • Mercy Jimenez | Send Message 4 May 2012

    Added SLW yesterday @$29; silver futures up1% from day's low; will add more next week if more drops; streamers = more value than miners IMO
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    • enronorbust | Send Message 8 May 2012
      : why has there been two new CEOS in last year? dirt cheap down here though. makes me think SLW is up to something sketchy. any ideas?
    • Mercy Jimenez | Send Message 8 May 2012
      : Don't know, but w/ 24 employees, handling stream of 43m+ equiv silver oz by 2015 @ cost $4.04/oz -- profit margins good even w/ >silver drop
      SLW vs. ETF Alternatives
      Company Description
      Silver Wheaton Corp is a mining company engaged in sale of silver and gold.
      Industry: Silver
      Country: Canada