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  • Tue, Jul. 5, 5:22 PM
    • Medivation (NASDAQ:MDVN) says it has entered into confidentiality agreements Sanofi (NYSE:SNY) and several parties that have expressed interest in exploring a potential transaction, and rejects a new takeover offer from SNY that valued it at $58/share, plus a contingent value right valued at a maximum $3/share.
    • As part of negotiations, SNY agrees to drop efforts to have MDVN shareholders replace the board, after it had sought to oust the board after previous takeover offers had been rejected.
    • SNY has been in pursuit of MDVN in an attempt to strengthen its new products portfolio and build a competitive position.
    • Pfizer (NYSE:PFE) also has been interested in acquiring MDVN, according to reports, but today's release did not list other potential suitors beyond SNY.
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  • Tue, Jul. 5, 6:44 AM
    • The Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare approves Regeneron (NASDAQ:REGN) and Sanofi's (NYSE:SNY) Praluent (alirocumab) for the treatment of uncontrolled low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol in certain adult patients with hypercholesterolemia at high cardiovascular risk.
    • Amgen's (NASDAQ:AMGN) Repatha (evolocumab) was approved in Japan in January.
    • Both products are monoclonal antibodies that inhibit convertase subtilisin/kexin type 9 (PCSK9), a protein that reduces the liver's ability to remove low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C) from the blood.
    | Tue, Jul. 5, 6:44 AM
  • Wed, Jun. 29, 2:54 AM
    • A dysfunctional Senate split along party lines has blocked a $1.1B proposal to fight the Zika virus, leaving just two weeks to reach a deal before lawmakers leave for a summer recess in the midst of mosquito season.
    • Democrats accused Republicans of sabotaging the legislation with provisions designed to deny new funding for Planned Parenthood clinics in Puerto Rico and ease rules on pesticide spraying.
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  • Mon, Jun. 27, 6:55 AM
    • Sanofi (NYSE:SNY) inks a deal with privately held Boehringer Ingelheim (BI) to acquire BI's consumer health business in exchange for its animal health unit plus €4.7B, the difference in the enterprise value of the businesses. Sanofi expects the deal to be EPS neutral in 2017 and accretive thereafter. The transaction should close by year end.
    • It will integrate BI's consumer business in all countries except China. The combined unit generated ~€4.9B in worldwide sales in 2015. Key enhances are Pain Care, Allergy Solutions, Cough & Cold Care, Feminine Care, Digestive Health and Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements.
    • Sanofi CEO Olivier Brandicourt, M.D., says, "In signing these contracts, we are meeting one of the key strategic goals of our roadmap 2020, namely to become a leader in consumer healthcare and leading diversified global human healthcare company. This business swap will bring a complementary portfolio to our consumer healthcare activity with highly recognized brands, allowing for mid- and long-term value creation and enhancement of our market penetration in some major countries."
    • Sanofi will host a conference call this morning at 8:30 am ET to discuss the transaction.
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  • Sun, Jun. 26, 5:43 AM
    • Research to be presented this week at a teratology conference in San Antonio suggests that serious joint problems, seizures, vision impairment and other medical issues can be added to the list of risks from Zika exposure in the womb.
    • The new findings also confirm that even when Zika-exposed babies are born without microcephaly, developmental delays may appear in the weeks or months following birth.
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  • Fri, Jun. 24, 8:25 AM
    • In a letter to stockholders sent yesterday, Medivation (NASDAQ:MDVN) uses a Ben Franklin-esque approach to refute each of would-be acquirer Sanofi's (NYSE:SNY) selling points supporting its $52.50-per-share bid, an offer Medivation says is woefully inadequate. Some highlights (Pro: Sanofi's view; Con: Medivation's view):
    • Pro: Sanofi's offer will deliver substantial value to stockholders. Con: Sanofi's offer attempts to seize value from stockholders. It cites the success of XTANDI (enzalutamide) which is on a $2.2B run rate and is one of the top ten cancer drugs worldwide based on revenue.
    • Pro: Sanofi's proposal represents a 50% premium. Con: Sanofi's bid was made public when MDVN was trading at a two-year low (shares closed yesterday at $59.26 as investors expect a revised higher bid).
    • Pro: Sanofi's offer compares favorably with historical oncology deals. Con: The median two-year forward revenue multiple of high growth biotech and oncology deals in the last five years is 10.4x, higher than Sanofi's 6.3x bid.
    • Pro: Medivation is exaggerating PARP inhibitor talazoparib's potential. Con: Medivation says talazoparib will be a blockbuster worth $14/share of incremental value.
    • Sanofi has already stated that it is open to making a higher bid. This appears to be a certainty if it wants to seal the deal.
    • Update: Proxy advisory firm Glass, Lewis & Co. recommends Medivation shareholders support the board by rejecting Sanofi's solicitation efforts.
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  • Thu, Jun. 23, 9:21 AM
    • Sanofi Pasteur's (NYSE:SNY) quadrivalent vaccine VaxigripTetra receives a positive end-of-procedure from Germany's Paul Ehrlich Institute clearing the way for a Marketing Authorization there as the Reference Member State per the European Decentralized Procedure. Marketing approvals can also be issued in other countries, called Concerned Member States, involved in the procedure.
    • VaxigripTetra is a four strain influenza vaccine containing two A strains (A/H1N1 and A/H3N2) and two B strains (B/Victoria and B/Yamagata), for use in people at least three years old.
    | Thu, Jun. 23, 9:21 AM
  • Fri, Jun. 17, 8:52 AM
    • BioMarin Pharmaceutical (NASDAQ:BMRN) is ahead 5% premarket on increased volume on rumors that Sanofi (NYSE:SNY) may be mulling a takeover. BioMarin is still down almost 50% since last summer, but up almost 30% since bottoming at $62.12 on February 9.
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  • Fri, Jun. 17, 5:24 AM
    • The number of women infected with Zika during their pregnancies in the continental United States has risen to 234, according to health officials.
    • The CDC also said three babies have been born in the country with birth defects connected to Zika infections during the mothers' pregnancy, along with three cases of lost pregnancies linked to the virus.
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  • Wed, Jun. 15, 1:53 AM
    • A World Health Organization panel has elevated the Zika virus to a public health emergency, but spurned calls to postpone or move the 2016 Olympic Games, which are scheduled to begin in Rio de Janeiro in six weeks.
    • Brazil is hosting the Games during its winter, when the concentration of mosquitoes that spread Zika and other viruses is low, the committee noted.
    • The country is also intensifying its efforts to control mosquitoes around cities and event venues.
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  • Mon, Jun. 13, 11:33 AM
    • Two Phase 3 clinical trials to determine the non-inferiority (no worse than) of Merck's (MRK -0.7%) insulin glargine biosimilar candidate to Sanofi's (SNY -0.1%) Lantus (insulin glargine injection) 100 Units/mL, MK-1293, were successful. The results were presented at the 76th Scientific Sessions of the American Diabetes Association.
    • Both studies achieved the primary endpoint of demonstrating non-inferiority in the change from baseline in A1C (average blood glucose) with a similar safety profile in patients with type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Additionally, both trials met the secondary endpoint of showing statistical A1C equivalence between MK-1293 and Lantus which showed that the investigational treatment was similar, within a certain range, to the reference therapy.
    • 296-OR, in type 1 diabetics, showed the mean difference in A1C (MK-1293 minus Lantus) was 0.04%, well within the non-inferiority confidence interval of plus/minus 0.4%.
    • 926-P, in type 2 diabetics, showed a mean difference of 0.03%.
    • MK-1293 originates from the February 2013 agreement between Merck and Samsung Bioepis. Merck is responsible for clinical development, manufacturing and commercialization while Bioepis is partially funding development.
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  • Mon, Jun. 13, 9:53 AM
    • Sanofi (SNY +0.1%) announces that it has filed consent solicitation materials with the SEC seeking to replace each board member of takeover target Medivation (MDVN +0.1%) with its own candidates.
    • Sanofi says it is mailing a letter to MDVN shareholders along with the consent solicitation statement, including a WHITE consent card, providing them the ability to show support for the deal. The deadline for receiving the written consents is July 25, although Sanofi can extend the date at its discretion.
    • Medivation is resisting Sanofi's $52.50/share offer saying it undervalues the company.
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  • Mon, Jun. 6, 4:11 PM
    • A Phase 3 clinical trial, LIBERTY AD CHRONOS, assessing dupilumab, a fully human monoclonal antibody that blocks interleukin-4 and interleukin-13 signaling, for the treatment of adults with moderate-to-severe atopic dermatitis (AD) met its primary and key secondary endpoints. The 740-subject study compared the safety and efficacy of dupilumab together with topical corticosteroids (TCS) to TCS alone in adult patients with AD who were inadequately controlled with TCS with or without calcineurin inhibitors.
    • 39% of patients who received either 300 mg of dupilumab once weekly or every two weeks with TCS achieved clearing or near-clearing of skin lesions compared to 12% for placebo plus TCS (p<0.0001) as measured by a metric called Investigator's Global Assessment (IGA).
    • 64% of the patients treated with 300 mg of dupilumab weekly achieved a 75% reduction in eczema severity while 69% of the patients on the two-week interval achieved it. Both handily beat placebo + TCS's 23% (p<0.0001).
    • The rate of adverse events (AEs) was comparable between the test and control groups. The most common dupilumab-related AEs were injection site reactions.
    • Breakthrough Therapy-tagged dupilumab is being co-developed by Regeneron Pharmaceuticals (REGN +0.7%) and Sanofi (SNY). They expect it to be a big winner.
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  • Thu, Jun. 2, 7:54 AM
    • The Medicines Company (NASDAQ:MDCO) completes the enrollment of 501 subjects in its Phase 2 study, called ORION-1, assessing its RNA interference therapeutic targeting PCSK9 (PCSK9si) in patients with high cardiovascular risk and elevated LDL-C ("bad cholesterol") despite receiving the maximum tolerated doses of LDL-C-lowering therapies. The study will compare the effect of different doses of PCSK9si and will evaluate the potential for quarterly or biannual dosing. The primary endpoint is the change in LDL-C from baseline to day 180.
    • Interim three-month and six-month data should be available by year end. If all goes well, Phase 3 studies will commence in early 2017.
    • PCSK9si is an investigational GalNAc-conjugated RNAi therapeutic targeting PSCK9, a protein regulator of LDL receptor metabolism. In contrast to PSCK9 inhibitors, PCSK9si works by turning off PCSK9 synthesis in the liver. The company is collaborating with Alnylam (NASDAQ:ALNY) on its development.
    • Related tickers: (NASDAQ:AMGN)(NASDAQ:REGN)(NYSE:SNY)
    | Thu, Jun. 2, 7:54 AM
  • Wed, Jun. 1, 7:31 PM
    • Sanofi (NYSE:SNY) today pressed its $9.3B hostile bid for Medivation (NASDAQ:MDVN) by asking for a record date for its board-replacing consent solicitation, and Medivation has responded rapidly with a deadline.
    • The company's board says it's set the close of business June 1 (today) as the record date, establishing which stockholders are able to participation in the solicitation of written consents. After SEC clearance, Medivation shareholders as of today will be able to submit consents or revocations.
    • Medivation has rejected Sanofi's "substantially inadequate and opportunistically timed" offer.
    • MDVN closed today up 1.1% to $61.14, vs. Sanofi's $52.50/share offer. MDVN is flat in after-hours trading.
    | Wed, Jun. 1, 7:31 PM | 3 Comments
  • Wed, Jun. 1, 3:31 AM
    • Doctors at Hackensack University Medical Center in New Jersey have confirmed the birth of a child suffering from Zika-linked microcephaly, a condition wherein the child's brain and head are partially developed.
    • Reports indicate she is the first baby born with complications from the virus in the tri-state area. The mother is said to have contracted Zika while in Honduras and was admitted to Hackensack while vacationing in the U.S.
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