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Source Capital (SOR)

  • Reuben Gregg Brewer | Send Message 19 Aug

    Source Capital: Not The Time To Buy In An Up And Down Year $SOR
      • Reuben Gregg Brewer | Send Message 5 May

        Source Capital, Inc.: A Highly Focused Old Timer CEF $SOR
          • Robert Mattei | Send Message 16 May 2014

            Is Source Capital A Better Option For Mid-Cap Growth Then An ETF? $SOR
              • 1980XLS | Send Message 8 Mar 2011

                Timmy & Barry have physical posession of the SOR, Benney has the presses to play in an illiquid and nervous market. Shit Happens!
                  • realornot | Send Message 7 Mar 2011

                    Oil will be at critical level when touching 110 so SOR (Strategic Oil Reserves) will be released before that happens.
                      • The Goy | Send Message 6 Mar 2011

                        Tapping the SOR, are you freaking kidding me? Where did our gov't of leadership go?
                          • wgdb | Send Message 13 Feb 2010

                            Advice to SOR - Try to emulate the late George Michaelis (spelling?) as much as possible. Under his guidance SOR did very well.
                              Company Description
                              Maximum total return for common shareholders from both capital appreciation and investment income to the extent consistent with protection of invested capital and provision for sufficient income to meet the dividend requirements of preferred shareholders.;