• Alexander Valtsev | Send Message 23 Sep

    2 Stocks I'd Never Buy, and 1 I'll Consider: $ANF $SPRT $ZNGA
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    • LongTruth | Send Message 24 Sep
      : Wrong ticker. I think you meant SRPT.
      • Alexander Valtsev | Send Message 19 Sep

        Sarepta Analysts Turn Bullish After Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Drug Eteplirsen Gets Approval: $SPRT
          • chicagomary | Send Message 26 Aug

            $sprt MOVING UP ah;any news? FDA?
              • scorpion.north | Send Message 29 Jul

                $SPRT , net-net not worth owning. Too slow to change, too labour intensive model. Can't see the future being super bright.
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                • Extreme Value Investor | Send Message 29 Jul
                  : With all due respect, $SPRT is not a net-net by Graham's definition. The company is hemorrhaging millions of dollars per year - the very reason why Eric Singer, a seasoned activist investor, ran a proxy contest and won all board seats up for election. $SPRT trades below cash today and now has clear catalysts to lower expenses as engaged shareholders act with a heightened sense of urgency to mitigate cash burn, if not eliminate completely, and further corporate governance measures. While there can be no assurance as to the stock price action, this is exactly the time to consider the idea of wading into this type of opportunity.
                • scorpion.north | Send Message 29 Jul
                  : I have noticed in today's market those that lose money are valued higher than those that make money, hopefully things will change :)
                  • Austin Newsom | Send Message 27 Jul

                    I Expect Major Announcements In Today's Earnings Release $SPRT
                      • Ryan Mallory | Send Message 25 Jul

                        This Week's Bullish Setups To Watch | $AMGN $GILD $CY $IP $ORCL $PAY $F $TXN $TXT $ST $SPRT $SPLK $TRIP $TWX
                          • Austin Newsom | Send Message 28 Jun

                            A Win For Shareholders Last Friday. Where Do We Go From Here? $SPRT
                              • Austin Newsom | Send Message 23 Jun

                                Catalysts Imminent For $SPRT
                                  • Maudes Capital | Send Message 13 Jun

                                    Activist Sends Letter To 60% Return $SPRT
                                      • timothy russell | Send Message 21 Mar

                                        Good thing we got wild $SPRT today! It's still banging!