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    $SPY, $DIA, $QQQ - if our theory continues to play out, we'll see a relief rally during September, then a major correction/crash in October.
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      : Seems flawed. FED has a few more weeks till they meet. Seems flat to down until they speak. IMO they said hike.Making your Oct call right
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        $SPY Data. Fascinating mkt. Stocks with hi & lo R^2 respect beta relationship. Where's the active manager?
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            $SPY weekend rant. If you have a term contract with ATT or health care plan...they may want you to bail. They want you to bail. Nuf said.
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              : Talk of crossing State lines is bogus.Started that way & some Ins.Co's used State laws to screw ppl.IMO must get better jobs & educate all
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              : consumers to use local clinics and form Co-Ops to buy in bulk. PAINFUL to get things going ,but, no choice but bite bullet an do it
              • Dave Dierking | Send Message 17h

                So where does the market go from here? $SPY $QQQ $VIX
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                • dalatinIJR | Send Message 17h
                  : It drifts down until FED's blatant noises are in stone and it's done for a while
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                    Market Lap Dances And Kisses $SPY
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                        Are you ready for the next bear market? $KO $JNJ $T $XOM $SPY
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                            $SPY Technical Analysis Video 9/4/2015
                              • Jim Young-masterofnone | Send Message 21h

                                Stock Market Insurance Policy No Longer Effective? $VFITX, $SPY
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                                    $VIX $VIXY $TVIX $UVXY $VXX $SPY $SPX VIX - SUPPORT EMA 21
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                                        Rising Interest Rates Historically A Positive For Equity Returns $SPY $QQQ $DJIA $IWM $VXX $SQQQ, $TVIX
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