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  • Fri, Sep. 25, 2:43 AM
    • Facebook's (NASDAQ:FB) Oculus and Samsung Electronics (OTC:SSNLF) have unveiled a new version of Gear VR for $99, saying the virtual reality headset would ship in time for Black Friday.
    • The new device is 22% lighter and will work with all of Samsung's 2015 line of smartphones, in contrast to the highly anticipated Oculus Rift, which will need to be wired to an expensive gaming computer.
    • Users will additionally be able to cast 360-degree videos from Facebook's newsfeed into the Gear VR, and Netflix, Vimeo and Hulu support is also on the way.
    | Fri, Sep. 25, 2:43 AM | 39 Comments
  • Thu, Sep. 24, 5:21 AM
    • Ahead of a U.S. launch next week, Samsung Electronics (OTC:SSNLF) said its new mobile payment service has processed more than $30M worth of transactions in South Korea, although it has only been available in the country for barely a month.
    • Samsung Pay is seen as advantageous to rivals Apple Pay and Android Pay, as its magnetic secure transmission (MST) technology is also designed to work with magnetic card readers that haven't yet adopted near-field communication (NFC).
    | Thu, Sep. 24, 5:21 AM | 1 Comment
  • Fri, Sep. 18, 4:25 AM
    • A federal appeals court has ruled that Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) has the right to block Samsung (OTC:SSNLF) from using its patented inventions, such as slide-to-unlock, autocorrect and quicklinks, in a verdict that could have major consequences for the South Korean electronics maker's future.
    • Since it was a split decision, Samsung said it would ask that the issue be considered by all active judges of the Federal Circuit, but if it does not win the appeal, it may be forced to tweak its software even in recent devices such as the Galaxy S6.
    | Fri, Sep. 18, 4:25 AM | 46 Comments
  • Tue, Sep. 8, 4:35 AM
    • Samsung (OTC:SSNLF) reportedly intends to slash 10% of staff at its headquarters, where 99,000 employees work.
    • The company plans to target staff in the human resources, public relations and finance departments.
    • "Cutting jobs is the easiest way to control costs and Samsung’s spending on its mobile business could also be more tightly controlled," says Nomura analyst Chung Chang Won. "Samsung's preparing to tighten its belt as it isn't likely see rapid profit growth in the years to come."
    • The report comes after Samsung's new flagship Galaxy smartphones fail to make a significant impression.
    | Tue, Sep. 8, 4:35 AM | 12 Comments
  • Fri, Sep. 4, 2:42 AM
    • Samsung Electronics (OTC:SSNLF) is making the technology of its upcoming Gear S2 smartwatch available to competitors who use Android, hoping to increase its share of the market, which is now dominated by Apple.
    • According to Strategy Analytics, worldwide smartwatch shipments grew to 5M in the second quarter of this year from 1M in the same period of 2014.
    • While Apple Watch captured 75% of global smartwatch market, Samsung only took an 8% share.
    • Previously: Samsung unveils new smartwatch (Sep. 01 2015)
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  • Tue, Sep. 1, 3:11 AM
    • Looking to regain traction in the wearables market, Samsung Electronics (OTC:SSNLF) has released its new Gear S2 smartwatch, which will run on the company's homegrown Tizen operating system.
    • The device sports a 1.2-inch circular screen and comes in two styles - a stylish flagship version and a more understated product dubbed the Gear S2 Classic.
    • Key features: Mobile payments, 3G connectivity, smart car keys, remote control of home devices and a battery that can last up to two or three days.
    | Tue, Sep. 1, 3:11 AM | 5 Comments
  • Mon, Aug. 31, 2:49 AM
    | Mon, Aug. 31, 2:49 AM | 6 Comments
  • Fri, Aug. 21, 7:50 AM
    • Samsung (OTC:SSNLF) is offering iPhone users the chance to try out one of its latest flagship phones for just $1 in a bid to lure customers away from Apple devices.
    • The promotion is billed as the "ultimate test drive" and allows U.S. customers to trial the dual-curved screen Galaxy S6 Edge, S6 Edge Plus and the Note 5 with full cellular service for 30 days.
    | Fri, Aug. 21, 7:50 AM | 7 Comments
  • Thu, Aug. 13, 11:54 AM
    • Like the Note 4, Samsung's (OTC:SSNLF) Galaxy Note 5 sports a 5.7" 2K (quad HD) OLED display. However, the phone is slightly smaller, thinner, and narrower than its predecessor. Like the Galaxy S6, the Note 5 does away with the plastic-heavy design of the prior-gen model in favor of a glass back and metal frame. The trade-off is the lack of removable battery and microSD card support. (event live blog)
    • Other specs include an 8-core Exynos 7420 app processor (same as the S6), a 16MP camera with optical image stabilization, 4GB of RAM, a 3,000 mAh battery, 32-64GB of storage, a slightly revamped S Pen stylus, and wireless charging and quick charging support. The phone runs on Android 5.1 (Lollipop), and its camera app has been updated to support YouTube livestreaming.
    • Also unveiled: 1) The Galaxy S6 Edge+, a 5.7" version of the curved 5.1" Galaxy S6 Edge. Outside of the display, a slighter larger battery, and some software tweaks, the phone is very similar to its smaller predecssor. 2) A physical keyboard accessory for the Note 5 and S6 Edge+ that snaps on top of a display.
    • As expected, the Note 5 and S6+ Edge go on sale in the U.S. on Aug. 21 (pre-orders start today). Samsung has also announced the Samsung Pay payment service (supports both NFC and traditional magnetic stripe card readers) will launch in the U.S. on Sep. 28.
    • Update: Not surprisingly, the phones won't be cheap. AT&T is selling the 32GB Note 5 for $250 with a 2-year contract, and $740 unsubsidized. The 32GB S6 Edge+ goes for $300 with a 2-year contract, and $815 unsubsidized.
    | Thu, Aug. 13, 11:54 AM | 6 Comments
  • Thu, Aug. 13, 4:31 AM
    • Samsung Electronics (OTC:SSNLF) is expected to introduce two new big-screen Galaxy smartphone models later today during its Unpacked event in New York.
    • The tech giant hopes the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 edge+ will help it regain momentum in the smartphone market after Apple's new iPhones eroded sales and a dramatic loss of Chinese market share.
    • During the second-quarter, operating profit at Samsung's mobile division slid 38% to 2.76T won ($2.4B).
    | Thu, Aug. 13, 4:31 AM | 2 Comments
  • Mon, Aug. 3, 2:29 PM
    • Taiwan's Economic Daily News reports Samsung (OTC:SSNLF) plans to cut standard DRAM production by 30%, and shift capacity to mobile DRAM ahead of the iPhone 6S launch. Rival Micron (NASDAQ:MU) is up strongly on a day the Nasdaq is down 0.7%.
    • The paper also reports Samsung has notified OEMs it won't be cutting DRAM prices as of August - a move that could lead to higher prices - and (in-line with past reports) that the iPhone 6S will have 2GB of DRAM, up from the 1GB found in the iPhone 6.
    • PC DRAM price pressure (caused in no small part by weak PC sales) has been weighing on Micron: The company's DRAM ASP fell 10% Q/Q in FQ3 (the May quarter); FQ4 guidance is for a mid-to-high single-digit drop.
    • JPMorgan reported today PC DRAM contract prices fell 15% in July, more than it expected. The industry is hoping Windows 10 (launched last Wednesday to fairly good reviews) will help boost demand.
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    | Mon, Aug. 3, 2:29 PM | 23 Comments
  • Thu, Jul. 30, 2:43 AM
    • Samsung Electronics (OTC:SSNLF) warned of "mounting challenges" ahead as the company's once-highflying mobile unit again dragged on its quarterly results.
    • With poor Galaxy S6 sales and a dramatic loss of Chinese market share, operating profit at Samsung's mobile division slid 38% to 2.76T won ($2.4B). Overall operating profit dropped 4% to 6.9T won ($5.93B).
    • The company is now looking to "flexibly adjust" the price of the S6, introduce a new premium model with a larger screen and develop a fresh range of mid-to-low end devices.
    | Thu, Jul. 30, 2:43 AM | 8 Comments
  • Fri, Jul. 24, 4:07 AM
    • With the possibility of a Qualcomm (NASDAQ:QCOM) split afloat, an interesting piece of analysis has surfaced on Wall Street, pointing towards Intel (NASDAQ:INTC) as the best possible beau if the firm decides to break itself up.
    • "The chip deal to end all chip deals," said Cowen analyst Timothy Arcuri.
    • Other suitors for Qualcomm's chip business, valued at $30B-$40B, could include a consortium backed by the Chinese government and Samsung Electronics (OTC:SSNLF).
    | Fri, Jul. 24, 4:07 AM | 59 Comments
  • Mon, Jul. 13, 2:58 AM
    • Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) grabbed 92% of the operating profit of the world's top eight smartphone companies in Q1, financial firm Canaccord Genuity calculates, up from 65% a year earlier.
    • Samsung (OTC:SSNLF) took 15% in this year's period.
    • The reason why Apple and Samsung earned over 100% combined is because some rivals only broke even or lost money.
    • Apple's dominance of profit share comes despite the company selling under 20% of smartphones and because its devices are much more expensive than those of its competitors.
    • The story is similar in the PC industry, although not as extreme. Apple enjoyed over half of industry profits last year despite its Mac line taking a market share of just 6%, Bernstein Research estimates.
    | Mon, Jul. 13, 2:58 AM | 72 Comments
  • Fri, Jul. 10, 7:30 PM
    • Not content with the 2K-resolution displays found on the Galaxy Note 4 and S6, Samsung (OTC:SSNLF) plans to develop an 11K-resolution display sporting a whopping 2250 pixels per inch (ppi), roughly 4x that of the S6's 577. The company hopes to show off a prototype in time for the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.
    • For a standard smartphone display, the human eye would have trouble detecting an increase in resolution from 2K to 4K, never mind 11K. However, Samsung suggests its goal isn't to provide sharper text or videos, but to enable quality glasses-free 3D effects.
    • No word on whether the display will be an LCD or OLED. Given the higher materials costs involved with higher-resolution displays, Universal Display (NASDAQ:OLED) could benefit if 11K displays are ever mass-produced.
    | Fri, Jul. 10, 7:30 PM | 8 Comments
  • Fri, Jul. 10, 7:55 AM
    • In a break from tradition, Samsung Electronics (OTC:SSNLF) is moving up the autumn launch of its Galaxy Note phablet to mid-August, WSJ reports.
    • The move is part of a bid to give the device some breathing room before mid-September, when Apple typically unveils its refreshed iPhone.
    • The step could also give Samsung a chance to inject some life into its mobile operations after a rough second quarter.
    | Fri, Jul. 10, 7:55 AM | 5 Comments
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