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Sensata Technologies Holding N.V. (ST)

  • The Value Investor | Send Message 19 Aug 2014

    Sensata Technologies: Great Acquisition Of Schrader, Overall Premium Valuation Limits Appeal $ST
      • Stephen Simpson, CFA | Send Message 31 May 2014

        Sensata Offers Great Market Share And Growth Potential, At A Price $ST
          • nasdaqczar | Send Message 29 Oct 2012

            PMCS Upgraded $10 Price Target ST BUY more iphone chips needed pmcs beneficiary could be a buyout by BRCM or INTC or MU eom
              • James A. Kostohryz | Send Message 23 Oct 2012

                Downside break of pre-QE3 break-out level (1430s) and April highs (1422) tends to negate ST bullish case. I remain bearish medium term.
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                • James A. Kostohryz | Send Message 23 Oct 2012
                  : I said "tends to negate ST bullish case." To be clear, I am NEUTRAL short-term. My view is short-term netural, medium-term bearish.
                • Erick McKitterick | Send Message 23 Oct 2012
                  : Closing so far below the 50dma is not good news for the SPX. If 1411 doesn't hold 1394 will be here in the blink of an eye.
                  • realornot | Send Message 16 Oct 2012

                    CMG is still cooling down. Looking for a good entry price for ST trades.
                      • realornot | Send Message 7 Oct 2012

                        Don't Short Zynga--Here's Why: Analyst: lol Any dead cat will bounce besides book value. My bet is going up. At least ST basis.
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                        • realornot | Send Message 7 Oct 2012
                          • nasdaqczar | Send Message 1 Oct 2012

                            LNET.OB Upgraded ST BUY Gapping Up 1000% Upside Healthcare Hospital installs, new resort installs New CEO Growth is back at Lodgenet
                              • sean.parmelee | Send Message 21 Sep 2012

                                Crude looking like it's found a ST bottom. UCO USO
                                  • Will Erlandson | Send Message 6 Sep 2012

                                    Should a novice trader (~1 year) post trades to ST? Not seeking followers, but getting into more complex trades and would like feedback.
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                                    • Will Erlandson | Send Message 6 Sep 2012
                                      : Thanks for the replies. I'm on the road tomorrow to check out places to live in KCMO for a move in the near future.
                                    • Will Erlandson | Send Message 6 Sep 2012
                                      : Which is a shame since tomorrow promises to be interesting. I'll start easing into posting trades next week.
                                      • nasdaqczar | Send Message 17 Aug 2012

                                        SJT Upgraded Target $25 ST BUY rebound in natural gas prices Boone expects $4 soon Anadarko CEO APC says $6 soon
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                                          Company Description
                                          Sensata Technologies Holding N.V. is an industrial technology company. The Company develops, manufactures and sells sensors and controls. Its products includetemperature sensors, speed sensors, position sensors, force sensors and motor protectors.