iStar Inc.

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  • Stephen Simpson, CFA | Send Message 12 Jun 2015

    iStar A Complicated REIT For Complicated Times $STAR
      • Stephen Simpson, CFA | Send Message 25 Jul 2014

        IStar Financial Still Worth The Hassle $STAR
          • The Oxen Group | Send Message 5 Jun 2013

            Also long on $STAR at at Stop Limit = 11.62, Limit = 11.60
              • D Cohen | Send Message 8 May 2013

                Back out preferreds and debt discounts, $STAR is under $7/sh. Is land value that great since operating expenses exceed revenues?
                  • Patrick Harden | Send Message 31 May 2012

                    Russell indexes to eliminate securities producing unrelated business taxable income (UBTI) or excess inclusion income (EII). RAS STAR IVR
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                    • Patrick Harden | Send Message 7 Jun 2012
                      : ITG just came out with new expectations. RAS is no longer included. At risk are CODI, DX, and LXP. DX and LXP have addressed the issue.
                    • Peter Bortel | Send Message 11 Jun 2012
                      : saw that thanks
                      • Jim Van Meerten | Send Message 26 Dec 2011

                        STAR - down 11% in the alst 50 sessions - I like DX better
                          • Dividend Sheet | Send Message 15 Dec 2011

                            Eddie Lampert - RBS Partners Q3-2011 Fund Portfolio: + $AZO $SHLD $AN $GPS $COF $CIT $CSCO $WFC $STX $BIG $GNW $STAR
                              • Michael Kudrna | Send Message 6 Dec 2011

                                Unusual Options Activity Report for 12-6-11 HL HBR ARIA GGB CMC ZAGG DWA AZO FTR STAR
                                  • EXPstocktrader | Send Message 24 May 2011

                                    MY $LNG stock has run from $3.00 to over $12 now since I uncovered this company. My $STAR stock went from $4 - $10 too. $GLNG $18 - $28.
                                      • Dr. Kris | Send Message 3 May 2011

                                        Desperately seeking security: Income issues hot today, esp. utes (19 new highs), preferred stock (ZB & STAR 8.8%, WFC 7%, all @ new highs)...
                                          Company Description
                                          iStar Inc is structured as a real estate investment trust. The Company finances, invests in and develops real estate and real estate related projects as part of its fully-integrated investment platform.
                                          Sector: Financial
                                          Country: United States