Straight Path Communications Inc. (STRP) - NYSEMKT
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    $STRP Samsung president says 5G wireless is coming and it's going to be incredible
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            $T $STRP $VZ At&T to start 5G TRIALS (not tests) By End 2016
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              : 5G services will be profitable enough for Verizon to pursue regardless of an eventual move to mobile 5G. The rest is going to be gravy."
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                $STRP $CMCSA $T $VZ Comcast says if 5G fixed wireless takes off, it'll could be a player, too.
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                    $STRP shorts throwing in the towel as 5G comes into focus
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                        $VZ $STRP Verizon hits 1Gig+ in trials
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                            IDT To Spinoff Stake In Zedge $IDT $STRP $GNE $IDWM
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                                $ZFGN clobbered on Kerrisdale, recally their last $STRP went -80%+
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                                  : It is going to come to earth.
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                                    If Straight Path Has A Problem, IDT Might Have A Larger One $STRP $IDT
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                                          Company Description
                                          Straight Path Communications, Inc. engages in the business of leasing and sub-licensing a national portfolio of wireless spectrum and licensing intellectual property. It operates its business through two segments: Straight Path Spectrum and Straight Path IP. The Straight Path Spectrum segment... More
                                          Sector: Technology
                                          Industry: Diversified Communication Services
                                          Country: United States