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STTYF is defunct.
  • New Capital | Send Message 29 Mar 2014

    Sandstorm Metals: Destroying Shareholder Value For 3 Years $STTYF
      • modawoud | Send Message 7 Feb 2014

        Nolan Watson: 2014 Will Be A Better Year For Gold $SAND, $STTYF, $COLUF
          • Jason Burack | Send Message 6 Feb 2014

            Nolan Watson: 2014 Will Be A Better Year For Gold $SAND, $STTYF, $GDX
              • Steve Nicastro | Send Message 18 Jul 2013

                I bought $STTYF.PK at $1.60 on that dip and am quite happy. I love the palladium stream and latest Zinc deal.
                  • stocktrader1407 | Send Message 10 Oct 2012

                    STTYF.PK has had great volume on the Canadian market. Good liquidity always helps!
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                    • stocktrader1407 | Send Message 11 Oct 2012
                      : STTYF.PK had over 6 million shares traded on the Canadian market today.
                      • stocktrader1407 | Send Message 24 Aug 2012

                        Nice uptick in volume in STTYF.PK. Hopefully the uplisting of the sister company, SAND, will increase the exposure on STTYF.PK !
                          • Alex Jantsch | Send Message 27 Jul 2012

                            SAND has increased gold sales 4544% since Sept. 2010, and that's just the start. Look for STTYF.PK to do the same in the coming years...
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                            • Alex Jantsch | Send Message 31 Jul 2012
                              : That it has! It may take a little longer for STTYF.PK bc the volatility in underlying prices of the commodities they deal with.
                            • Alex Jantsch | Send Message 31 Jul 2012
                              : But I would put a lot of money (and I have) on Nolan prevailing on this one as well. The road is certainly rougher though...
                            • Alex Jantsch | Send Message 19 Jul 2013
                              : I mean it seems inconceivable that these additional working capital requirements weren't noticed, unless Xstrata giving Donner the finger.
                            • Alex Jantsch | Send Message 19 Jul 2013
                              : I still think M&E is undervalued, but it will be a while before things start to look better for them unless Donner can be figured out.
                              • Alex Jantsch | Send Message 25 Jul 2012

                                Reasons why SAND and STTYF.PK are phenomenal long term investment opportunities...
                                  • stocktrader1407 | Send Message 19 Jul 2012

                                    STTYF.PK had huge volume today on the TSX (SND ticker). Hopefully we are developing a support level for this name!
                                      • stocktrader1407 | Send Message 5 May 2012

                                        STTYF.PK Q1 earnings report:
                                          Company Description
                                          Sandstorm Metals & Energy Ltd. is the world?s first diversified streaming company. Sandstorm provides upfront financing to resource companies that are looking for capital. In return, Sandstorm receives a commodity streaming agreement. This agreement gives Sandstorm the right to purchase a... More
                                          Industry: Steel & Iron
                                          Country: Canada