Savient Pharmaceuticals, Inc.OTCPK - Limited
SVNTQ is defunct.
  • hkimsey | Send Message 19 Mar 2013

    $SVNTQ looks like a company that can still borrow and operate for some time, but it also could be a buyout target
      • Stone Fox Capital | Send Message 8 Jan 2013

        $SVNTQ gets EU approval and the Genzyme CEO on the BOD and stock is flat... huh
          • Cosmospepper | Send Message 9 Nov 2012

            SVNTQ will be bankrupt, sold or de-listed before Karl Rove is released from the nut house!
              • Stone Fox Capital | Send Message 8 Nov 2012

                thx $SVNTQ management for not even excluding the severance costs in the report. Trying to tank the stock on purpose?
                  • aeromitch37 | Send Message 6 Nov 2012

                    Any thoughts on SVNTQ? I bought at $2.27 and have been murdered since? Should I continue to hold? or sell and take the loss?
                      • Stone Fox Capital | Send Message 31 Oct 2012

                        crazy stuff from $OCZ cutting 28% of non-production workforce. When $SVNTQ did a similar reduction the stock roared soon after.
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                        • FortSumter | Send Message 1 Nov 2012
                          : Yeah, imagine the morale there going forward. I've been in that environment and productivity goes to zero as everyone "looks forward".
                        • Stone Fox Capital | Send Message 2 Nov 2012
                          : The mega-caps don't b/c the cuts lead to more revenue problems. Small caps though can re-org and focus their way to a turnaround.
                          • aeromitch37 | Send Message 23 Oct 2012

                            Why is SVNTQ tanking so much? Thought EU results were encouraging...
                              • Joshua Hayes | Send Message 21 Oct 2012

                                Big Wave Trading Portfolio Update And Top Current Holdings AVD CLGX NTP CAMP SVNTQ VRNM CSU MAGS RBGPF.PK VCEL HEB
                                  • Red Acre Investments | Send Message 19 Oct 2012

                                    $SVNTQ get EU approval for pegloticase - expect volatile trading as this is last day before op.ex. too
                                      • aeromitch37 | Send Message 16 Oct 2012

                                        Any outlooks on ENZ, CPRX, or SVNTQ?
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                                        • Kilburg3 | Send Message 16 Oct 2012
                                          : SVNTQ classic setup. Two weeks of consolidation; volume drying up and a bear raid this morning created a perfect buying opportunity.
                                        • aeromitch37 | Send Message 16 Oct 2012
                                          : When do we think SVNTQ will raise?