TransAtlantic Petroleum Ltd.

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  • Long Player | Send Message 11 Nov 2015

    TransAtlantic Petroleum: OPEC Might Cut Production, But Company Continues To Cut Costs $TAT
      • Long Player | Send Message 4 Aug 2015

        Trans Atlantic Petroleum: Big Vote Of Confidence By Shareholders Including The CEO $TAT
          • Alexander Schwab | Send Message 28 Jul 2015

            Transatlantic Petroleum (TAT) Caught Up In Turkey's Politics $TAT
              • Harsh Singh Chauhan | Send Message 11 Jun 2015

                TransAtlantic Petroleum - Why The Recent Dip Is An Opportunity $TAT
                  • Value Ideas | Send Message 27 May 2015

                    Multi-Stage Stimulation And An Oil Recovery Could Take TransAtlantic Petroleum Higher $TAT
                      • Mallik-Fite | Send Message 25 Mar 2015

                        Transatlantic Petroleum: A Gem Amid The Oil Bust $TAT
                          • Kip Largo | Send Message 3 Oct 2014

                            $TAT If it doesn't bounce off $8, it will go to $7. If it goes to $7, that's an amazing bet to make a 50% on your money.
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                            • Kip Largo | Send Message 16 Jun 2015
                              : I was wrong. It most likely won't ever see $7 unfortunately (watch me be wrong about that now). A bad stock for me, that's for sure.
                            • FD78 | Send Message 30 Jul 2015
                              : You ain't kidding. Every now and then you pick one that you can't get out of and it never EVER helps you out. This is it. AWFUL. :(
                              • Kip Largo | Send Message 24 Sep 2014

                                $TAT still can't keep its head above $10 for very long. Hopefully $9 is support. The next surge over $10 could be the real deal.
                                  • Kip Largo | Send Message 16 Sep 2014

                                    $TAT going under $10 means it still isn't a bullish stock yet.
                                      • Crossroads | Send Message 3 Sep 2014

                                        $TAT is buying Stream oil and gas for $41 MM - all stocks. Stream is highly undervalued - it's a steal for $TAT.
                                          Company Description
                                          TransAtlantic Petroleum Ltd is an oil and natural gas company. It is engaged in acquisition, exploration, development and production.