TransAtlantic Petroleum Ltd. (TAT) - NYSEMKT
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    $TAT When will new JV partners in Turkey be announced?
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        TransAtlantic Shareholders Own Most Of The Debt And Continue To Loan The Company Money $TAT
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            TransAtlantic Petroleum: OPEC Might Cut Production, But Company Continues To Cut Costs $TAT
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                Trans Atlantic Petroleum: Big Vote Of Confidence By Shareholders Including The CEO $TAT
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                    Transatlantic Petroleum (TAT) Caught Up In Turkey's Politics $TAT
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                        TransAtlantic Petroleum - Why The Recent Dip Is An Opportunity $TAT
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                            Multi-Stage Stimulation And An Oil Recovery Could Take TransAtlantic Petroleum Higher $TAT
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                                Transatlantic Petroleum: A Gem Amid The Oil Bust $TAT
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                                    $TAT If it doesn't bounce off $8, it will go to $7. If it goes to $7, that's an amazing bet to make a 50% on your money.
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                                      : I was wrong. It most likely won't ever see $7 unfortunately (watch me be wrong about that now). A bad stock for me, that's for sure.
                                    • FD78 | Send Message 30 Jul 2015
                                      : You ain't kidding. Every now and then you pick one that you can't get out of and it never EVER helps you out. This is it. AWFUL. :(
                                      • Kip Largo | Send Message 24 Sep 2014

                                        $TAT still can't keep its head above $10 for very long. Hopefully $9 is support. The next surge over $10 could be the real deal.
                                          Company Description
                                          TransAtlantic Petroleum Ltd. is an international energy producer that engages in engaged in the acquisition, exploration, development and production of crude oil and natural gas. It holds interests in developed and undeveloped oil and gas properties in Turkey, Albania and Bulgaria. TransAtlantic... More
                                          Industry: Oil & Gas Drilling & Exploration
                                          Country: United States