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TIBX is defunct.
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  • paulalmony | Send Message 5 Dec 2014

    $TIBX acquisition completed by Vista at $24. Yet the stock trades to a high of 24.10 with January 24 calls @ .10. Does this make any sense?
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    • giacamo | Send Message 5 Dec 2014
      : Completed?deal is not done the shareholder vote was suppose to take place on 12/3 n still needs reg approval ppl beleive higher bid coming
    • paulalmony | Send Message 7 Dec 2014
      : Someone should tell that to Vista and Tibco. They sure think the deal was done. http://on.mktw.net/1w4bfHm
      • Werner Kranenburg | Send Message 1 Dec 2014

        Court held $TIBX merger "process appears to have been flawed" http://stks.co/e1JP8 but vote proceeds on Dec 3rd http://stks.co/a1JBK
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        • giacamo | Send Message 5 Dec 2014
          : There was no shareholder vote (no news). looks like deal in trbl
        • giacamo | Send Message 11 Dec 2014
          : Wheres the regulatory approval for these crooks
          • giacamo | Send Message 25 Nov 2014

            $TIBX had some interesting act 2day spike in jan 24 call vol 1826 4+miillon shares trade in 1st 90 mins stk hit 23.97 BO@ 24mmm
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            • paulalmony | Send Message 26 Nov 2014
              : trading at 24.02 above Vista buyout offer. Heavy volume
            • paulalmony | Send Message 26 Nov 2014
              : Hit 24.04. Over 6 million shares traded in first hour.
              • giacamo | Send Message 14 Nov 2014

                $TIBX Now there issuing 900+ million in non-registered notes that can't be sold in USA such a deal
                  • giacamo | Send Message 12 Nov 2014

                    $TIBX A blind man could see that Vista is trying to get billions for nothing. Where are these Wall St wolves? Asleep at the wheel.
                      • Ryan Mallory | Send Message 10 Nov 2014

                        Swing Trading Watch-List: $UA $TIBX $ADBE $EA $CREE http://bit.ly/1suxXEK
                          • Andrew Labutka | Send Message 30 Sep 2014

                            Update: TIBCO Software Agrees To Be Taken Private By Vista Equity Partners $TIBX http://seekingalpha.com/a/1i98t
                              • 007INVESTOR | Send Message 30 Sep 2014

                                $TIBX $35 Plus Up Bid!!! Coming For Tibco Software & Very Undervalued http://stks.co/r0pW5 $HPQ $IBM $ORCL $CRM $DATA $QLIK Lawsuits Flying!
                                  • 007INVESTOR | Send Message 29 Sep 2014

                                    $TIBX herb greenberg Says Higher Bids Coming For Tibco Software & Very Undervalued http://stks.co/t0pFZ $HPQ $IBM $ORCL $CRM $DATA $QLIK
                                      • Vetr | Send Message 29 Sep 2014

                                        Tibco Software to be bought by Vista Equity for $24 a share in cash http://bit.ly/1rnqTOh $TIBX
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                                        • Erbois | Send Message 29 Sep 2014
                                          : You just found out about that?
                                          Company Description
                                          TIBCO Software Inc. provides infrastructure and business intelligence software. Its software platform enables customers to create flexible, event-driven applications and deliver real-time, actionable insights.