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  • whataday222 | Send Message 33m
      • Dave172 | Send Message 26 Oct

        $TNXP - traumatized shareholders are welcome at today's PTSD Awareness Day (11-2pm today) so we can better understand our sleepless nights
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        • Perkins Cove | Send Message 26 Oct
          : Sorry...not a laughing matter...but that was very good, Dave!
        • whataday222 | Send Message 26 Oct
          : Anyone know what was said today that may be relevant?...I believe it was broadcast.
          • wilkinson99 | Send Message 26 Oct

            Premarket Top % Decliners: $TNXP -22%, $EW -14%, $RTTR -9%, $NUVA -9%, $P $LUV $UGAZ $WFT $ORIG $GLAD $UWTI $MTL $GLAD $LN $CMG $AAPL $UNG
              • jonanne | Send Message 25 Oct

                $TNXP- Guess no USAMDA at least for now. Warrants ugh! Does the reverse spit proceed?
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                • whataday222 | Send Message 26 Oct
                  : The other thing I note is no directors/execs have sold any shares over time. May bought most recently in the $2 range. Curious to
                • whataday222 | Send Message 26 Oct
                  : see if tax loss selling season has any takers.
                  • whataday222 | Send Message 24 Oct

                    $TNXP Updated investor pres as of 24Oct. Patents on slide this the diff?
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                    • whataday222 | Send Message 25 Oct
                      : "clinical phase of this open-label extension study is complete. Preliminary result did not reveal any new safety signals."
                    • jonanne | Send Message 26 Oct
                      : whataday- At 2.8 mg doesn't mean much, since the PTSD dose will be 5.6 mg.
                      • Dave172 | Send Message 21 Oct

                        I have a dream that one day I will get an email notification of a $TNXP SEC filing that won't make me cringe. Until then I'll keep cringing.
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                        • jonanne | Send Message 23 Oct
                          : unattractive and would not fix the share price issue. There are two ways to stay listed-price rise (which likely requires a positive event)
                        • jonanne | Send Message 23 Oct
                          : and reverse split.
                          • whataday222 | Send Message 20 Oct
                              • jonanne | Send Message 20 Oct

                                $TNXP- In answer to a question Dr.Lederman confirmed sufficient cash to reach first IA. There was no mention of immediate funding by army
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                                • jonanne | Send Message 21 Oct
                                  : Dave-In this case I think they would let cash drop, because if the IA fails, it's over and any raise before it would certainly raise questions after a fail.
                                • jonanne | Send Message 21 Oct
                                  : Worse possible IA from a funding perspective (only) is middling.
                                  • homerun | Send Message 14 Oct

                                    Sellers may be exhausted here. Low volume, drifting higher. Good news for their last indication could really pop this one $TNXP
                                      • jonanne | Send Message 13 Oct

                                        $TNXP- Perhaps we'll actually learn something!
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                                        • jonanne | Send Message 13 Oct
                                          : has not been for a while.
                                        • Dave172 | Send Message 13 Oct
                                          : Good to see backpedaling on 2nd phase 3. They don't have cash to run concurrent trials and perhaps - by obtaining breakthrough status and getting good results (effect size .50 or better) they could get FDA approval with only one phase 3. Dare I think so positively???