Tropicana Entertainment Inc.

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  • Vince Martin | Send Message 1 Jan

    Tropicana Entertainment: Hidden, Risky, And Cheap $TPCA
      • Inscrutable | Send Message 30 Dec 2014

        Tropicana Entertainment: With The Atlantic City Business Valued At 1X EBITDA, Shares Have 46% Upside $TPCA
          • Chris DeMuth Jr. | Send Message 17 Dec 2014

            Tropicana Entertainment ($TPCA) is Still Cheap:
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            • Special Situation News | Send Message 17 Dec 2014
              : I like Clark Street and saw that post, but I shy away from anything AC related. That place is a demilitarized zone and getting worse.
            • Chris DeMuth Jr. | Send Message 17 Dec 2014
              : 1 of my ideas that I don't think I'll get to is to move AC to N. Dakota. Better spot for casinos/strippers/booze. Load it up in 18-wheelers
              • Inscrutable | Send Message 26 Jul 2014

                Tropicana Entertainment: Casino Operator Trading At A Significant Discount To Peers With At Least... $TPCA
                  Company Description
                  Tropicana Entertainment Inc. owns and operates eight casinos and resorts in Indiana, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey and Aruba. The Company owns approximately 5,500 rooms, 8,000 slot positions and 300 table games. The company is based in Las Vegas, Nevada.
                  Sector: Services
                  Country: United States