Tri-Tech Holding, Inc. (TRIT) - NASDAQ
TRIT is defunct.
  • Mark Chapman | Send Message 31 Dec 2013

    Still nothing from $TRIT about halt or sale of Baodi. Frustrating.
      • Emerson Yang | Send Message 13 Dec 2013

        $TRIT I think Tri-Tech initiated the request for halt. Hopefully, this is good development.
          • Mark Chapman | Send Message 13 Dec 2013

            $TRIT halted.
              • Southwest Michigan Trader | Send Message 21 Aug 2013

                $TRIT $CLWT $SYMX - china pollution plays ripping, I like $FTEK as a legit way to play already have Chinese contracts
                  • Jim Van Meerten | Send Message 20 Jan 2012

                    TRIT - 100% Barchart technical buy signal - 15 new highs and up 60.87% in the last month - Relative strength Index 88.87%
                      • Michael Bryant | Send Message 29 Sep 2010

                        TRIT looks good. Water management in China. P/E of 13 and forward P/E of 8.
                          • djn21 | Send Message 3 Sep 2010

                            TRIT also looks like its established an upward channel is falling back towards bottom of channel - looking to enter in mid/low-9's.
                              • djn21 | Send Message 29 May 2010

                                Long GHII (reported good numbers, will earn .08, trading at .10 - hmmmm), a little TRIT, plus short ABE's EPV, and SKF. But 90% cash.
                                  • djn21 | Send Message 15 Apr 2010

                                    Picked up some LTUS today at 1.10, its 200 EMA and SMA are clustered there. Also added more TRIT at 14, where it has support.
                                      • djn21 | Send Message 8 Apr 2010

                                        I piled into a bunch of TRIT earlier this week thanks an article here. I love the water-China theme, love micro, and great growth/fundies.
                                          Company Description
                                          Tri-Tech Holding Inc. provides consulting, engineering, procurement, construction and technical services which helps monitor and manage China's municipal and natural water resources.
                                          Industry: Waste Management
                                          Country: United States