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  • Eric Muathe | Send Message 20 Jun

    [ Daily $STUDY VIDEO ] $TRTC "Finding Short-Term Rebound + Breakout Levels" http://tinyurl.com/gun6zrb
      • Chefboy6969 | Send Message 20 May

        picked up a few shares today for a fun trade, $TRTC, is the worst long term hold stock(as are 100% of penny stocks) but a great trader GLTA
          • mr.investor | Send Message 20 May

            $TRTC - Glad I sold at .37 cents. Profit is going into $TWMJF
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            • @barrywood | Send Message 21 May
              : I should have purchased more Canopy Growth Corp shares yesterday I think.
            • mjlong | Send Message 22 May
              : Good luck @mr. investor - I sold a few times as it climbed, also bought $TWMJF with the proceeds
              • joelkatz | Send Message 12 May

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                • joelkatz | Send Message 16 May
                  : Because i have time for my LOL for next year or so..
                • mr.investor | Send Message 16 May
                  : Good luck to you! I was long $TRTC until they announced they would dilute shares to close to a billion for future acquistions and do a huge reverse split.
                  • kalelhope13 | Send Message 21 Apr

                    $TRTC i know the past. are there any upcoming catalysts? any reason to own it near term in the face of upcoming dilution per the 10k?
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                    • Thundercat57 | Send Message 19h
                      : I'm betting the possible legalization of recreational pot in CA will affect the share price, at least short-term http://tinyurl.com/j9ljdfj
                      • joelkatz | Send Message 20 Apr

                        $TRTC Bought back at .43 (Sold yesterday at .569)
                          • joelkatz | Send Message 19 Apr

                            $TRTC Took some profits at .5699
                              • joelkatz | Send Message 15 Apr

                                $TRTC who's in. am i alone in it?
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                                • mr.investor | Send Message 21 Apr
                                  : That's why I sold all my holdings after the last 10-k came out. I was long just like you before that.
                                • notnil | Send Message 25 Apr
                                  : mr.investor: RS is min.1:5, max 1:20. Hope they do what's best. Good increases to revenues starts now with all that's happened lately
                                  • mr.investor | Send Message 11 Apr

                                    $TRTC - I was long, but now I am completely out. Time to see if I can short this sucker before it crashes to the .20's tomorrow.
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                                    • mr.investor | Send Message 12 Apr
                                      : I'm up about $10k, so I think i'm gonna quit TRTC while i'm ahead.
                                    • Bontchimuz | Send Message 18 Apr
                                      : Yikes.....hope you guys didn't short....yet.....
                                      • bugatti investments | Send Message 6 Apr

                                        $TRTC Bunch of insider selling at pretty low prices. Will sell out of my position and buy on any dip going forward.
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                                        • markk100 | Send Message 11 Apr
                                          : Neither things you speak of mjlong are at all surprising to me...
                                        • cking6178 | Send Message 12 Apr
                                          : I will just say Section 16 officers are required to file with the SEC quite a few months in advance of buy/sell actions...
                                          Company Description
                                          Terra Tech Corp.'s subsidiary GrowOp Technology, specializes in controlled environment agricultural technologies. Through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Edible Garden, TRTC cultivates a premier brand of local and sustainably grown hydroponic produce, sold through major grocery stores such as... More
                                          Industry: Diversified Machinery
                                          Country: United States