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Tower Semiconductor Ltd. (TSEM)

  • Lusitanian Traders | Send Message 19 Nov

      • Overbet For Value | Send Message 18 Nov

        Tower Semiconductor: Great Short-Term And Long-Term Prospects $TSEM
          • tromur | Send Message 11 Nov

            $Tsem time to ride this puppy back up to 18s, maybe higher this time.
              • Overbet For Value | Send Message 10 Nov

                $TSEM earnings announcement will happen tomorrow. I am expecting good news for investors.
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                • Overbet For Value | Send Message 13 Nov
                  : Conference call and earnings were fantastic. Both short-term and long-term prospects look great.
                  • D-struction | Send Message 29 Oct

                    $TSEM FPE 4.85 PEG .44 and getting cheaper. What the what!?!?
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                    • Absolute beginner | Send Message 30 Oct
                      : WTF !!
                    • Absolute beginner | Send Message 30 Oct
                      : something to do with Sony and Panasonic ER? Sony is talking about image sensors
                      • tuliptown | Send Message 1 Oct

                        $TSEM is really in the dull drums. For that matter, all semi-stocks stink. Any catalyst in sight?
                          • Overbet For Value | Send Message 21 Sep

                            Tower Semiconductor: You Can Have Your Cake And Eat It Too $TSEM
                              • Muffinslayer | Send Message 2 Sep

                                $TSEM looks like it will be a big hitter today
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                                • tromur | Send Message 2 Sep
                                  : Made a nice entry at today's bottom at $12.48 for some more shares. Will see if this slowly moves up in coming days/weeks.
                                • Absolute beginner | Send Message 3 Sep
                                  : good move. nice to see it hold, i was worried it would slip back down, if the market holds i am very optimistic.
                                  • Lisa Thompson | Send Message 11 Aug

                                    TowerJazz: Business Keeps Getting Better And End Markets Accelerate $TSEM
                                      • beleggersclub | Send Message 6 Aug

                                        BUY $TSEM at Price: 13.69 Stop: 13.18, Loss: 3.8% Target T1: 14.66, Profit: 7.1%
                                          Company Description
                                          Tower Semiconductor Ltd is a pure-play independent specialty foundry dedicated to the manufacture of semiconductors. It manufactures ICs on silicon wafers, using the customer's proprietary circuit designs.