TCW Strategic Income Fund

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  • Insider Monkey | Send Message 10 Jun 2015

    The TCW Strategic Income Fund Gets A Major Buyer $TSI
      • InsiderInsights | Send Message 30 Jan 2014

        Top Insider Trades 1/30/14: TSI, RGS, IRT, BNGOF $TSI, $RGS, $IRT
          • inspy | Send Message 20 Dec 2011

            TSI 12% dividend still has profit potential.
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            • vorgriff | Send Message 27 Dec 2011
              : Volume has increased a lot, but price has not... I thought it would... love this shares anyway!
            • inspy | Send Message 27 Dec 2011
              : It's definitely a stock I'm considering to hold in the long-term to weather out the volatility in the near future.
              • inspy | Send Message 19 Dec 2011

                TSI has 12% special dividend on record as of Dec 30. The CEF only appreciated 2% so far so there's still earning potential.
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                • inspy | Send Message 19 Dec 2011
                  : In a market like this, chasing special dividends provides a relatively sound safety net and make a little on the side at the same time.
                • inspy | Send Message 19 Dec 2011
                  : I see your entering position on the graph haha. TSI is guaranteed to appreciate 5% in the next week if you want to cash in early.
                  • candlestickpicks | Send Message 19 Jan 2011

                    $TSI completed a Bullish Star candlestick pattern on 01/18/2011. Look for an upward price movement on 01/19/2011
                      • Dr. Kris | Send Message 23 Sep 2010

                        Income investors rotating into multi-sector/strategy funds: ERC,JPC, JMM, TSI all making new highs. D/y's 6.5% - 8.5%.
                          • Dr. Kris | Send Message 11 Aug 2010

                            Dividend funds on the yearly high list: MTS, GWF, BNA, MVF, TSI, PMM, DNP. Preferred stock: BAC, HSBC. D/y's 5%-8%.
                              Company Description
                              The Funds investment objective is to seek a total return comprised of current income and capital appreciation by investing in convertible securities, marketable equity securities, investment-grade debt securities, high-yield debt securities, options, secur