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  • Reuben Gregg Brewer | Send Message 17 Apr 2015

    Tri-Continental Corporation: A Unique CEF Old Timer That Could Be A Complement To Your Portfolio $TY
      • Roy Pope | Send Message 3 Feb 2015

        Exited $TY - Not a bad investment. Made some $$$
          • USisCorrupt | Send Message 5 Jul 2012

            With ALL Central Banks in Easing Mode the FED steps up to the plate with more Paper Gold & Silver to also ease the PM Markets. China says TY
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            • USisCorrupt | Send Message 5 Jul 2012
              : It's nice that the FED supplies Government Subsidized Physical PM's to those as an added Bailout for the coming Collapse of the Paper Ponzi
              • Frederic Ruffy | Send Message 29 Feb 2012

                Treasurys ($TLT) volatility spike on a massive sale of 75k TY futures. Maybe an error, maybe not.
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                • Frederic Ruffy | Send Message 29 Feb 2012
                  • realornot | Send Message 1 Feb 2012

                    Dear Astro buddies-We are going 2 plot a course 2 moon 1st be4 going back 2 Earth tomorrow so seat back and enjoy.TY for riding BS air.~1325
                      • realornot | Send Message 21 Jan 2012

                        Yes, no more kissing Saudi Kings! TY Newt! Expect natural gas to go much higher...
                          Company Description
                          The Fund will seek to produce future growth of both capital and income, while providing reasonable current income (i.e. from fixed-income securities). There are no Charter restrictions with respect to the Funds investments. The Fund may invest up to 15% of