Universal American Corporation(UAM)- NYSE
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        Morningstar Health Care Plans industry group http://tinyurl.com/6mdnw5f extreme breakout down 1/24. Five weak stocks: UAM UNH AET ANTM HUM
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          : These five stocks strength weaker than the group on daily and weekly
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          : Plan to short weak stocks in weak group if and when the general market goes down ...
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            Great-looking watchlist from http://stk.ly/iR3P0e DX DYN ELGX IDIX DRIV LSI MHLD PAL UAM WAL CZZ and PMCS
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                UAM. Is it a 60% loss from here or 2% gain from Fidelity? There is a big dividend payout today. What's the story?
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                      Company Description
                      Universal American Corp. provides health benefits to people covered by medicare medicaid. The company, through its subsidiaries, offers healthcare products and programs, including medicare advantage plans and traditional health insurance. it also offers a variety of traditional insurance... More
                      Sector: Healthcare
                      Industry: Health Care Plans
                      Country: United States