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PowerShares DB USD Bear ETF (UDN)

  • Dr. Duru | Send Message 8 Nov

    A Policy Island for the Fed: The Bank of England and U.S. Economic Data Isolate Fed. $UUP $FXB $UDN $FXY
      • Dr. Duru | Send Message 4 Nov

        The U.S. Dollar Is Ready For Lift-Off On Janet Yellen's Latest Rate Hike Talk. $UUP $UDN
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        • JWtrading | Send Message 5 Nov
          : For sure an interesting play
          • WaveRider007 | Send Message 2 Oct

            $GLD $SLV $VXX $UDN - doesn't anyone else see the signs?
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            • Dan Stringer | Send Message 2 Oct
              : Hopefully the same ones I see.
              • WaveRider007 | Send Message 29 Sep

                $UUP $UDN - dollar is about to lose value...and trust...
                  • WaveRider007 | Send Message 28 Sep

                    $uUP $uDN - we are heading for cost of living inflation and investment asset pricing deflation.
                      • WaveRider007 | Send Message 18 Sep

                        $udn - in a weird twist the inverse relationship to $uup is diverging?...
                          • WaveRider007 | Send Message 31 Aug

                            $UUP $OIL $UDN $GLD $SLV - failure of the US dollar as money that will retain purchasing value in the future
                              • WaveRider007 | Send Message 31 Aug

                                $UUP $UDN $GLD - fiat currency "promises" tomorrow by holding "today"
                                  • Dr. Duru | Send Message 8 Aug

                                    My latest: The U.S. Dollar Remains Stuck After Anti-Climactic Jobs Number. $UDN $USDX $UUP $TLT
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                                    • Abraxix | Send Message 8 Aug
                                      : I'm thinking the $trillion debt default risk in the energy sector could postpone any rate hikes. Your thoughts of this debt on the dollar?
                                    • Dr. Duru | Send Message 9 Aug
                                      : I doubt entire debt of the energy sector is at risk. Also not as big % of economy as it once was. Still, it should make Fed at least pause.
                                      • Markos Kaminis | Send Message 26 Jun

                                        Why ISIS' New Currency will Outlast the US Dollar $UUP $GLD $UDN $SLV $GDX #dollar #gold #ISIS #IslamicState
                                          UDN Description
                                          The PowerShares DB US Dollar Bearish Fund (Symbol: UDN) is based on the Deutsche Bank Short US Dollar Index (USDX®) Futures Index™ (DB Short USD Futures Index). The Index, which is managed by DB Commodity Services LLC, is a rules-based index composed solely of short USDX® futures contracts. The USDX® futures contract is designed to replicate the performance of being short the US Dollar against the following currencies: Euro, Japanese Yen, British Pound, Canadian Dollar, Swedish Krona and Swiss Franc. You cannot invest directly in an index. Ordinary brokerage commissions apply.
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                                          Country: United States
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