ProShares Ultra Euro ETF(ULE)- NYSEARCA
  • cfetrader | Send Message 6 Jan

    $FXE $ULE $GSG $DJP The EuroDollar & Commodities correction termination remains unclear
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    • cfetrader | Send Message 6 Jan
      : EURUSD weekly chart: Short term, the bearish bat could point to a 1.06-1.14 price action
      • cfetrader | Send Message 6 Nov 2015

        ($FXE, $ULE) Euro/USD possible target is the 1.618 ext. Fibonacci level (from July-August rise) of 1.02588.
          • Donald van Deventer | Send Message 3 Jan 2014

            Central European Media 1 Year Default Probability 4.41%, Up 0.41% Today $CETV, $ULE, $EURS
              • Hypnos7 | Send Message 22 May 2012

                Got stopped out of the ULE I bought at the open. Will wait for more price action.
                  • Ryan Mallory | Send Message 31 Jan 2012

                    Head And Shoulders In The Euro Is Cause For Concern ULE URR EUO FXE
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                    • realornot | Send Message 31 Jan 2012
                      : Dandruffs will be the main concern!
                    • Ryan Mallory | Send Message 1 Feb 2012
                      : haha - second time I've heard someone say that - still makes me laugh too.
                      • Central Bank News | Send Message 9 Dec 2011

                        ECB Cuts Rate 25bps to 1.00% on Euro Crisis FXE EUO ULE URR
                          • ETFdesk | Send Message 24 May 2010

                            WaysToPlay: Intervention fears should scare off euro bears $FXE $ULE #ETF #MKT #FX #EURO $UDN
                              • Lisa | Send Message 17 May 2010

                                What went wrong with Europe: FXE EU IEV EZU ULE EUO ERO
                                  • Thomas Pan | Send Message 24 Nov 2009

                                    An adviser to the French president describes a rate of $1.50 to the euro as a "disaster". UUP FXE ERE URR DRR ULE EUO
                                      • ETFdesk | Send Message 15 Oct 2009

                                        WaysToPlay: Goldman Calls For More US Dollar Pain ULE UDn #Euro #Dollar #FX #ETF #MKT
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