• Traceee | Send Message 2 Apr 2015

    $ULUR 2014-solid year and progress. The steps that Mr. Gray is taking; 2015 should build on the progress made in 2014 with new opportunities
      • Traceee | Send Message 6 Feb 2015

        $ULUR- any news on ulur?
          • Traceee | Send Message 10 Nov 2014

            $ULUR- Announces Conference Call -Discuss Financial Results- Third Quarter 2014 Business Update- November 17, 2014 at 9:00 a.m. Eastern Time
              • Traceee | Send Message 22 Sep 2014

                $ULUR any news on why the price is dropping while the sales seem to be rising?
                  • Love_ Money | Send Message 15 Aug 2014

                    $ULUR. Did some recent research. Excellent Small company. Multi bagger next year.
                      • jsiebel720 | Send Message 15 Jul 2014

                        $ULUR Any feedback on today's price action? Feels like someone found out a capital raise is coming.
                          • Traceee | Send Message 10 Jun 2014

                            $ULUR, any reason why it is moving down instead of up?
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                            • doctorjomo | Send Message 11 Jun 2014
                              : excellent tracee but,lol you may get info overload from us loyal uluru message board members!!!!!!!!!!!
                            • Nahodny Okoloiduci | Send Message 31 Jul 2014
                              : debt was converted to new shares i guess?
                              • jacobite47 | Send Message 5 Mar 2014

                                All green today $ABIO, $BNIKF, $CUR, $CYNA, $MTP, $ELTP, $ICOTF, $ULUR.
                                  • jjo1fam | Send Message 12 Jan 2014

                                    $ULUR Jumped in on this earlier today, might be late to the ride but it looks to be a multibagger with profits recently
                                      • Joshua Hayes | Send Message 7 Mar 2012

                                        $ULUR.PK a little penny that looks like it wants to pop higher. It's coiling. A play on sector/chart. http://chart.ly/73smy6o
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                                        • RelaxnGamble | Send Message 18 Nov 2013
                                          : Lots of insider trading going on right now. Lets hope the history of these trading events continues. verrrry interesting