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  • Econ Student | Send Message 1 Jul 2014
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    • Econ Student | Send Message 2 Jul 2014
      : I appreciate that. You only have to have 4 or 5 multi baggers to wipe out the losers then you have a tax write off with the losers.
    • ChiefKing | Send Message 7 Jul 2014
      : I don't much like pennies... to volatile I have a few but I wouldn't base me entire portfolio on it. Unless you are watching it like a hawk.
      • Econ Student | Send Message 19 Jun 2014

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        • Econ Student | Send Message 27 Jun 2014
          : Just wait a couple weeks. If nothing happens by then I might would be sick then.
        • K.C | Send Message 28 Jun 2014
          : thanks E.S keepin the faith:}
          • Econ Student | Send Message 28 Apr 2014

            That moment when patience pays off. $MINE-OLD $VPOR Traded in $DEWM for $UNQT today.
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            • sephillips2004 | Send Message 15 Jun 2014
              : I like the sound of $UNQT also. Company is making moves it looks like.
            • Econ Student | Send Message 18 Jun 2014
              : If you read their PRs you will see they are making moves into Canada. Rumor of a share buyback are out there. http://bit.ly/1pgHKgS
              • keithhardin | Send Message 25 Dec 2013

                $UNQT absolute bottom floor! http://yhoo.it/1eET3yq
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                • Ruben12345 | Send Message 25 Dec 2013
                  : Interesting...
                  • keithhardin | Send Message 25 Dec 2013

                    $UNQT interesting news today sounds like there could be some life left in UNQT. We will see
                      • Rupert Nicholson | Send Message 21 May 2012

                        UNQT.PK about to release quarterly results. A great play for any penny stock traders out there!!
                          • IDG1 | Send Message 5 Sep 2011

                            UNQT.PK - Very Bullish
                              • IDG1 | Send Message 12 Aug 2011

                                UNQT.PK a growing truck leasing company that is actually creating jobs every month
                                  Company Description
                                  Union Equity, Inc. is a holding company that is comprised of 1 subsidiary that covers a vast business spectrum - Union Equity Investments, Inc. Union Equity Investment, Inc. is to provide the best possible risk-return value for Union Equity shareholders, by making direct investments into or... More
                                  Sector: Financial
                                  Industry: Real Estate Development
                                  Country: United States