Universal Insurance Holdings, Inc (UVE) - NYSE
  • Steve Evans | Send Message 6 Jun

    Universal Expands Reinsurance Cover For 2016, Nephila Assists $UVE http://seekingalpha.com/a/2db4t
      • Stewart Nielson | Send Message 15 Apr

        Making The Case For Universal Insurance Holdings $UVE http://seekingalpha.com/a/2czuz
          • Tom Landry | Send Message 13 Apr

            Come on' $UVE, that would be a great time to get out of that sideway channel.
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            • IndyPEG | Send Message 13 Apr
              : Agreed. Love the name hate the stock. I keep wanting to trade it again but it's been dead money lately
            • Tom Landry | Send Message 13 Apr
              : Well I say it's trading sideways. It truish YTD, but looking at the 5YR chart, its not convincing at all.
              • Alexander Valtsev | Send Message 24 Mar

                Easy Trade of the Day: http://bit.ly/240316UVE $UVE trades on the 2's
                  • Tom Landry | Send Message 11 Mar

                    Looking at my portfolio, I see two underweight satellites positions next to each other, $FH $UVE. Which one will make it to core first?
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                    • Insider-Alerts | Send Message 15 Mar
                      : Thanks...will investigate further.
                    • Tom Landry | Send Message 15 Mar
                      : Finally, $FH's money went to $SRCL. I've been out since a year (thank god), but its one of my oldest buy. Ever.
                      • IndyPEG | Send Message 2 Mar

                        Sold 1/2 $UVE trade lot for +18%
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                        • IndyPEG | Send Message 2 Mar
                          : Thanks! Holding smaller lots here but the trade lot was ripe
                        • smitsky | Send Message 2 Mar
                          : Very good idea. I'm being more careful now: http://seekingalpha.com/s/1ipq06
                          • IndyPEG | Send Message 25 Feb

                            $UVE; did you catch the $18s? If so, you're up 9% today.
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                            • Tom Landry | Send Message 11 Mar
                              : I think my overall management approach would scale well to the big whales.
                            • IndyPEG | Send Message 11 Mar
                              : Agreed
                              • IndyPEG | Send Message 25 Feb

                                $UVE nice qtr and 2015. Let's see if it springs a squeeze on that 20% short interest
                                  • Tom Landry | Send Message 19 Feb

                                    Sold $PII during the day for 3.5% gain in 9 trading days. Shaved a little $UVE because its still shaky, at -15% now. Bought some $FH today
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                                    • John Rayhall | Send Message 20 Feb
                                      : That stock has been up and down like that for as long as I can remember 5 years maybe like 8 years.
                                    • Tom Landry | Send Message 11 Mar
                                      : HUGE mistake selling $PII. It did exactly what I wanted it to do! But no, I got greedy chasing $UVE.
                                      • Dividend Sheet | Send Message 12 Feb

                                        Ex-Dividend Stocks For Tuesday, February 16, 2016 - http://bit.ly/1PqvKrB - $ALV $CVX $IVZ $MSFT $MXIM $RECN $SSBI $UVE $WBA
                                          Company Description
                                          Universal Insurance Holdings, Inc. is a vertically integrated insurance holding company, which through its subsidiaries, covers substantially all aspects of insurance underwriting, distribution, claims processing and exposure management services. Its subsidiaries include Universal Property &... More
                                          Sector: Financial
                                          Industry: Property & Casualty Insurance
                                          Country: United States