Vape Holdings, Inc. (VAPE) - OTCQB
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    On Watch: $MCGI @ .0011 and $LPTN @ .147 also $VAPE in Low-20s Thanks for the notification from:
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        $VAPE +25% this week.
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            VAPE: Concentrating On Vape Holdings $VAPE
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                Seriously, did everyone in the world forget about this stock? $VAPE Its irrationally cheap.
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                  : Can't be a PD without a D. True, prices skyrocketed on euphoria that impacted the entire industry. But no insiders sold out at the top.
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                  : Have you looked at their financials lately? Huge q/q rev growth and PSR of ~4... Don't be scared away by the dozens of other actual PDs.
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                            $VAPE Technical Analysis Video
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                                $VAPE : its book value per share is negative. Avoid.
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                                    HAHAHHAA BOOOOOM! $MCIG $VPOR $VAPE $MJNA $ECIG-OLD $PHOT $TRTC $ABBTF $ERBB
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                                      : I'm actually a 420i subscriber, not sure why, and I won't quote specifics except that A. Brochstein is only into short-term price action...
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                                      : if you're an actual investor don't believe anything except your own due diligence.
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                                        Any new news on marijuana stocks? I've been reading about $GBLX,$AGTK & $VAPE....seems like the time...
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                                          : Seems like pot stocks are starting to pick up. Volume was higher today than it's been in a while.
                                          Company Description
                                          Vape Holdings is a company with its primary focus in the manufacturing and distribution of healthy and sustainable vaporization products. HIVE Ceramics is the premier brand under the Company umbrella, bringing to market a medical and food grade ceramic that has countless design and product... More
                                          Sector: Technology
                                          Industry: Information Technology Services
                                          Country: United States