Veolia EnvironnementNYSE
VE is defunct.
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    Stocks With More Than 10% Dividend Yield And Buy Rating - - $FTR $VE $NRGY $MFA $NLY $HTS $FTE $TEF $STD $OZM
      • kevinconway | Send Message 6 Aug 2014

        $VE, GE Water, etc.
          • Francis Lynch | Send Message 28 Jul 2014

            Veolia Environment: Waste Management And Water Utility Leader $VE
              • Capitalist Exploits | Send Message 21 Jul 2014

                Value In France - Who Would Have Thought? $VE
                  • Michael Bryant | Send Message 13 Jul 2014

                    Water is the next oil. We all need it. Buy Veolia Environment ($VE).
                      • kevinconway | Send Message 26 May 2014

                        $VE one of my top picks as a long term hold. management changes and restructuring are paying off. positioned well for future water issues
                          • kevinconway | Send Message 7 May 2014

                            $VE - - World is on the way to a serious fresh water shortage
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                            • kevinconway | Send Message 7 May 2014
                              : GE Water has been building their portfolio for years to get ready for this.
                            • SDMSF | Send Message 7 May 2014
                              : yes a very long cycle trade for the large players. I haven't been interested in water owners so much as the solution side. you look at them?
                              • Stephen Simpson, CFA | Send Message 21 Mar 2014

                                The Market Seems To Believe Veolia Has Turned The Corner $VE
                                  • kevinconway | Send Message 15 Feb 2014

                                    $VE at some point for VE it will not be "we want you to bid" but rather "when can you have it built and in opperation"....5 years to this.
                                      • yamazed | Send Message 1 Jan 2014

                                        $TMEN is a microcap very promising take a look at their web @ ThermoEnergy, in contrast to $VE