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  • GONJA Pro | Send Message 5 Jan

    $HEMP $GRNH $BRND $VMGI $TRTC $MDCN $USMJ $SRNA $STEV etc. Be on the lookout sector bottomed and poised to explode. Lets heat things up!!!!!
      • MELAMIKE | Send Message 8 Sep 2014

        $VMGI....nice jump at close today!
          • 1woody55 | Send Message 15 Aug 2014

            $NWGC golden lotto- $REDG $ RFMK, $RSHN, $SEV, $SKTO, $SKYF, $SLNX, $STEV, $TRTC, $UNGS, $USEI, $POTN, $VGPR-OLD, $VICL, $VMGI, $VPOR, $VTG,
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            • FChildr131 | Send Message 1 Dec 2014
              : Is SKTO even in business any longer?
              • MELAMIKE | Send Message 16 Apr 2014

                $VMGI signed agreement and got licence for Omega-3 oils with PHOENIX today.
                  • patrick99e99 | Send Message 6 Apr 2014

                    I do have to say, it seems kind of weird that $VMGI, medical marijuana company is also involved in tv and film production...
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                    • Stocks at beach | Send Message 6 Apr 2014
                      : Bought $VMGI two weeks ago, expect good things, as has base like $TRTC, unique science like $BRDT
                    • ride76989 | Send Message 7 Apr 2014
                      : most of the "marijuana" companies are the same... check out $SMVR-OLD and $LATF.. same concept. $SMVR is def a buy right now if you ask me.
                      • baldnbeardd | Send Message 31 Mar 2014

                        Got a good feeling about this week. $ATTBF $FITX $XTRM $DROP-OLD $PHOT $LATF $MCIG $MINE-OLD $PMCB $STEV $TAUG $VMGI
                          • GONJA Pro | Send Message 31 Mar 2014

                            $VMGI news out! Might be worth getting a starter position here. MJ sector $PHOT $MJNA $TRTC $STEV $ICBU $NGMC $DIRV $CBGI
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                            • GONJA Pro | Send Message 31 Mar 2014
                              : $VMGI Mkt Cap about 750k ha you do the math.
                            • wingman444 | Send Message 31 Mar 2014
                              : Come join our new free MJ Chat room at We chat all day about all the new and upcoming MJ stocks.
                              • Jbloom12 | Send Message 30 Mar 2014

                                Expecting huge moves here in the coming weeks for $VMGI. Extremely undervalued.
                                  • GONJA Pro | Send Message 28 Mar 2014

                                    Leave one word you think best describes $STEV. Solid!!!! $PHOT $VMGI $NGMC $DIRV $CBGI $LGBS $GWPH
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                                    • CAKoumentakos | Send Message 28 Mar 2014
                                      : SWEETNESS! That's more than one word penny.
                                    • GONJA Pro | Send Message 29 Mar 2014
                                      : Lol copy what from twitter? Don't know what you mean.
                                    • Econ Student | Send Message 30 Mar 2014
                                      : Undervalued
                                      • GONJA Pro | Send Message 28 Mar 2014

                                        $VMGI - CEO interview check it out MJ monster in the making!
                                          Company Description
                                          Verde Media Group Inc. is a publicly traded company listed on the OTC Markets traded under the stock symbol VMGI. The Company consists of three integrated divisions: 1. BioTech Division The Biotech Division manages a portfolio of biotech companies currently comprised of the following: Verde... More
                                          Sector: Services
                                          Industry: Business Services
                                          Country: United States