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Vanguard Natural Resources, LLC (VNR)

  • NuclearNeil | Send Message 26 May

    Buying $EROC at $2.68 (current price) is the equivalent of buying $VNR at $14.49 with the 0.185 acquisition multiplier.
      • Casey Hoerth | Send Message 26 May

        Vanguard Natural Resources: Weighing Pros And Cons Of Latest Acquisition $VNR
          • David Tuzzolino, CFA | Send Message 22 May

            Energy Stocks Are Cheap And Insiders Are Buying These Stocks : A Stock Screen $VNR, $WLB, $HLX
              • Albert Alfonso | Send Message 22 May

                Vanguard Natural Resources Continues Its Shopping Spree $VNR
                  • Tim Plaehn | Send Message 21 May

                    Vanguard Natural Resources Stays Ahead Of The Competition With Another Acquisition Announcement $VNR
                      • Albert Alfonso | Send Message 21 May

                        $VNR to buy $EROC for $3.05 per unit.
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                        • Kevin Chapman | Send Message 21 May
                          : Interesting...
                          • Randy Durig | Send Message 8 May

                            9.15% Yields With Vanguard Natural Resources, B3/B Rated, Maturing April 2020 $VNR
                              • joeliebig | Send Message 7 May

                                Anyone buying $VNR these days?
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                                • Cash King | Send Message 7 May
                                  : I would love to but I'm all bought out. I have more than a full position so I'm full for now.
                                • matratra | Send Message 7 May
                                  : Unless oil touch $75 I am not touching it.
                                  • David White | Send Message 6 May

                                    8%+ Dividend Vanguard Natural Resources Is Back To Business As Usual Despite The Price Crash $VNR
                                      • Albert Alfonso | Send Message 4 May

                                        Vanguard Natural Resources: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly $VNR
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                                          Company Description
                                          Vanguard Natural Resources LLC is a publicly traded limited liability company engaged in acquisition and development of mature, long-lived oil and natural gas properties in the United States.